Buying demand has intensified at live cattle sales over the past week, with cull cows and heavy stores recording record prices.

Good-quality beef cows are making upwards of 270p/kg for well-conformed continental types.

Younger cows under 60 months are also an easier sell, with competition between specialist finishers and agents buying for factory-owned feedlots described as fierce.The main run of prices ranges from 230p/kg to 260p/kg for good-quality fleshed cows, with feeding types making upwards of 200p/kg.

Plainer lots are typically making 200p/kg to 220p/kg with dairy cows commanding 150p/kg to 170p/kg for slaughter-fit animals.

Competition for short-keep stores has also ramped up on the back of higher beef prices. Again, specialist finishers and agents for factory feedlots are setting the pace.

Top-quality stores are making 250p/kg to 280p/kg for animals weighing over 600kg. Plainer sorts are at 200p/kg to 240p/kg depending on quality and liveweight.

Lighter stores suited to grazing are also an improving trade, with prices up 20p/kg on previous weeks. At the upper end, 260p/kg to 290p/kg is common, with 220p to 250p/kg paid for plainer animals.


With the buying period for Ramadan coming to an end this week, demand for spring lambs and hoggets has eased.

Processors have cut quotes by 10p/kg, putting lambs on 620p/kg and hoggets on 570p/kg. Deals above these levels are limited to little more than 5p to 10p/kg.

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