Dairylink participant Richard Marshall exceeded various benchmarks that were set for the 2020 year.

In the end, average yield stood at 9,174 litres at 4.11% butterfat and 3.29% protein. Concentrate feed rate stood at 0.31kg/l on the farm located near Omagh, Co Tyrone.

Taking that success into account, it was decided to review the targets that had been previously set for 2021.

Richard is pleased with the changes achieved in milk yield and feels that it should be possible to maintain this level of output in the longer term. In 2021, the target is to hit a milk yield of 9,200l and a concentrate feed rate of 0.31kg/l.

Richard feels that while milk components are satisfactory relative to the level of milk output, it should be possible to improve this through maintaining high feed quality and introducing new genetics that will enhance milk solids production. The 2021 target is for butterfat and protein to average 4.16% and 3.35% respectively.

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