'We don’t bat an eyelid' to grain imports, only beef - Minister
Siobhán Walsh
Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue had no solutions to prevent land loss from tillage at this year’s National Ploughing Championships.
20 September 2023 Northern Ireland
Forage maize on the comeback trail in NI
David Wright reports from a maize open day in Tyrone, organised by Fane Valley
6 September 2023 Northern Ireland
Changed economics for dairy this winter
Kieran Mailey reports from an AgriSearch webinar, which looked at options for dairy farmers this winter
Steady feed price forecast for autumn
Prices for livestock rations are expected to remain relatively steady this autumn as feed mills lock in to forward purchasing contracts.
30 August 2023 Northern Ireland
Beef finishers need a return to 500p/kg
Beef prices in NI need to rise if finishers are to have any hope of a profit this winter
23 August 2023 Northern Ireland
Budget conservatively - Milk prices and tax bills
Cash flow is king, so to err on the reality and low side is important.
23 August 2023 Viewpoints
€444k grain store for Carlow pig farm
Con O’Kelly is a pig farmer by enterprise but has created a large grain store on his farm in Borris.
23 August 2023 Farm buildings
Multi-species swards need 60% less fertiliser - UCD
Multi-species swards, according to UCD research, result in a much lower carbon footprint per kilo of beef produced.
23 August 2023 News
INHFA calls for Government support for sheep and suckler farmers
Government inaction, according to the INHFA, is undermining the family farm.
18 August 2023 News
Harvest photos competition: some of the entries so far
The theme of this year's harvest photo competition is 'Keep it lit, keep it local'.
12 August 2023 News
Sharp rise in farmers using Rural Support
Common issues being discussed with farmers include rising interest rates, price volatility and bovine TB.
9 August 2023 Northern Ireland
Creep feeding calves as wet conditions continue
Liveweight gain will be affected where weanlings are on wet grass, so introducing creep feed will boost performance.
1 August 2023 Management