I was reversing out the driveway of a house I was visiting last week. It was a bright sunny evening. For a split second, I lost concentration and bumped into the car parked across the road. It happened at a normal speed for reversing out a driveway. But, hands up, I should have been more careful.

I got out and surveyed the damage. It was minimal. I had scraped the paintwork on the bumper of the other car. If I’d driven off, I doubt it would have been noticed. But I would never drive off. I’m too soft like that. So I knocked on the door and told the woman what had happened, inviting her to send me the bill when she had it seen to. There was no need for any drama. It was my fault. I gave her my details. We talked for 20 seconds and that was it. I got back in my car, called myself a silly idiot or words to that effect and thought no more of it.