The deadline for submission of the annual sheep and goat census hardcopy returns by post is approaching fast. Completed applications must be received by the Department by 31 January 2023, with registered post required where there is any issue surrounding submission.

Farmers who miss this deadline have another opportunity to submit returns, as the deadline for submission of online applications is 14 February 2023. The date for recording sheep numbers is 31 December 2022. Completion of the annual sheep census is required for participation in schemes such as the Sheep Improvement Scheme and it is vital that farmers submit returns on time.

Farmers who have exited sheep production or do not currently have sheep but are still one of the 48,000 farmers to receive a census application must also submit a return.

The online facility is a useful resource to review previous census applications and to correlate this information with records in your flock register. There is also a facility available to amend numbers, as well as a facility to review movements and order dispatch documents.