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Sheep price update: hogget quotes jump by 30c/kg to 35c/kg
Darren Carty
Kildare Chilling has increased its base quote by 30c/kg to a base of €7.50/kg plus 10c/kg QA, while the two ICM plants have increased their base quote by 35c/kg to a base of €7.40/kg plus 20c/kg QA.
UK sheep price increases 'never seen before'
24 February 2024 Markets
UK sheep price increases 'never seen before'
Currently at £7/kg (€8.20/kg), the AHDB reports that UK sheep prices have never before experienced such an elevated period of higher farmgate returns during January and February.
Record Australian lamb production
23 February 2024 News
Record Australian lamb production
Australia's Bureau of Statistics (ABS) confirms that 2023 was the year that Australian beef and sheep production returned to its full potential.
China shields European sheepmeat market
Growing demand from China absorbs Australian and New Zealand sheepmeat exports leaving less supplies for UK and EU markets.
21 February 2024 News
NI Trends: factories move to cut beef price; hogget prices surge to 650p/kg
There are mixed fortunes in the beef and sheep trade at NI plants, with cattle prices easing, but hoggets rising in value.
21 February 2024 Markets
Sheep Trends: differential of up to 50c/kg emerging
A two-tiered trading system appears to be developing, with specialist finishers and agents handling very large numbers securing up to 40c to 50c/kg above quoted prices.
21 February 2024 Markets
Sheep mart update: trade booming as hoggets top €180/head
Marts held since the start of the week have recorded a flying trade, with well-fleshed hoggets selling from €175 to €185 and hitting as high as €190 on occasion.
21 February 2024 Markets
Sheep price update: trade heats up as hoggets top €180/head
Marts held on Monday recorded a vibrant trade, while the factory trade has also increased, with base quotes up 10c/kg to 20c/kg.
19 February 2024 Markets
NZ beef makes mark in UK
New Zealand beef exports are considered the poor relation behind dairy and sheep meat, but they have potential in UK.
14 February 2024 News
NI Trends: cattle quotes ease but prices steady; hogget prices move up
Factory quotes on prime cattle have eased, but deals are broadly unchanged. Hoggets continue to rise in value.
14 February 2024 Markets
Sheep Trends: lamb quotes surpass the €7/kg mark
There has been further upward momentum as the week progresses, with Kildare Chilling adding another 10c/kg to its quote for Thursday.
14 February 2024 Markets
Sheep mart comment: prices edge upwards as competition intensifies
The gap between mart and factory prices had narrowed following an increase in factory quotes, but reports indicate prices are edging upwards again as agents lock horns for sheep.
14 February 2024 Markets