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Sheep price update: quotes slip back again by 5c/kg to 10c/kg
Darren Carty
Base quotes offered on Friday for Tuesday’s sheep kill took another hit, with prices reducing by 5c/kg to 10c/kg.
1 February 2023 Pedigree
Top gem sells for £2,850 at Jalex Jewels
Shanon Kinahan reports from the 2023 Jalex Jewels Suffolk gimmer timed auction.
1 February 2023 Markets
NI Trends: prime cattle and cow prices edge upwards; strong live trade for sheep
Factory prices for finished cattle in Northern Ireland continue to edge upwards, with the hogget trade benefiting from competition in the live ring.
Sheep mart prices: solid trade for fleshed hoggets
The mart trade has proven to be a good outlet for many farmers struggling to negotiate higher prices with factory agents over the last week.
1 February 2023 Markets
Sheep Trends: base quotes remain stubbornly low
Farmers' hopes of the trade maintaining upward trajectory have been dashed by quotes remaining on a similar footing to the week previous.
1 February 2023 Markets
Sheep price update: base quotes steady to slightly stronger
Base quotes at the start of the week range from €5.95/kg to €6.10/kg, with the majority of hoggets trading within a price range of €6.20/kg to €6.40/kg.
30 January 2023 Markets
Regulator has to be the eyes and ears for farmers
Appointment of an agri food regulator is the last chance to fix farmer-factory relationship.
29 January 2023 News
Chinese sheepmeat imports down 100,000t for January to November 2022
The sharp drop in sheepmeat imports has created volatility in global sheepmeat markets, with New Zealand’s sheepmeat sector particularly exposed.
29 January 2023 Markets
UK sheepmeat production increases 3% in 2022
While sheepmeat production increased, it remains 6% below the five-year average.
28 January 2023 Markets
Sheep Trends: more life as quotes rise 10c/kg to 20c/kg
Tight supplies reflected in last week’s kill falling by 11,400 head and a reported improvement in demand has forced factories to increase quotes to get supplies.
25 January 2023 Markets
NI Trends: prime cattle prices push on to 470p/kg; hogget quotes jump 30p/kg
Beef prices in Northern Ireland continue to rise, while after several weeks of pressure, hoggets are also moving up in value.
25 January 2023 Markets
Sheep mart prices: increased factory appetite evident in sales
Mart prices have increased by €3 to €6/head in some cases, with sales small and buyers competing with increased intensity.
25 January 2023 Markets