Italian-based machinery manufacturer Seko showcased a selection of machines from its range of diet feeders. Although its larger machines were the focus for many, it was its two smallest self-propelled machines that caught our eye.

The first was the Pony 3W ME, an electrically powered unit (2,900kg). This 5m3 machine is the entry level unit in the electric model line up which features four models ranging up to 11m3. This horizontal mixing unit features two chopping-mixing augers equipped with 88 knives.

The second machine was even smaller (2,200kg). Known as the Panda 30 MB, this unit is powered by a 35hp petrol Briggs & Stratton engine. It is only available in a 3m³ version and also features horizontal mixing (two chopping-mixing augers with 68 knives). Equipped with a hydrostatic transmission, it has a maximum speed of 6km/h. Seko said this machine is aimed at the farmer with 30 cows.

Shared standard and optional specification include various discharge points, a weighing system, automatic tighteners for transmission chains, revolving star-shaped chopping blades and a rear hopper for milling products. The petrol-powered unit is priced at €20,000 plus VAT while the larger electric version is priced at €40,000 plus VAT.

The 5m3 electric version is priced at €40,000 plus VAT.