Ticking the box for meal bin specs: finishes, augers and access
Martin Merrick
Martin Merrick details some of the options that can be fitted to Q-Mac silos to suit individual farmers needs.
27 March 2024 Farm machinery
Watch: two years without stopping - Keenan’s revamped Mechfibre+ sticks the pace
Keenan launched its updated MechFiber+ range of paddle feeders two years. Midland’s farm bought the first 28m3 machine, and it hasn’t had a day off in two years. Peter Thomas Keaveney reports.
24 January 2024 News
Lamma 2024: Trioliet wows with largest self-propelled diet feeder
Trioliet used Lamma as a launch platform for its latest and largest self-propelled diet feeder, the Triotrac X-Range, with a capacity of 32m3 and a cutter loader system with an 8.2m cutting height.