Discourse on greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction technologies will be the priority of the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Agriculture over the coming weeks, according to chair Jackie Cahill TD.

Cahill was confident that individuals and companies providing innovations capable of reducing emissions without impacting production would be invited to come before the committee in January and February.

“The first thing on the agenda will be a joint meeting with the climate advisory council to give people who have technologies that can reduce emissions a platform to discuss their technologies,” Cahill stated.

“They will have the opportunity to promote their technologies that reduce emissions without impacting on production,” he said.

Slurry management

Slurry management technologies were one particular set of innovations cited by the committee chair as being of particular interest.

Technologies which continually aerate slurry and emission-reducing slat mats were among the technologies he hopes to hear discussed in front of the committee.

Cahill acknowledged that not all of these technologies may be practical or cost-effective on the ground, but that the committee’s discussion would be important to inform decisions around the availability of TAMS funding for such on-farm investments.

TB discussions

Bovine TB was another area that Cahill stated would be addressed by the agricultural committee in the coming months.

“We have put off having TB discussions on the agenda. This will need to be brought over the next few months,” he went on.

The Tipperary TD also made it clear that he sees farmers as being central to the committee’s discussions.

“All stakeholders will have the opportunity to come before the committee, including farmers – who are the most affected by TB,” added Cahill.

The TDs and senators of the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Agriculture will meet privately next Tuesday 18 January to vote on an agenda for the coming year.