No plan to extend QA certification in light of weather
Anne O'Donoghue
Bord Bia chair Larry Murrin said farmers can postpone an audit if circumstances permit, but declined to say there would be a blanket certification extension.
8 April 2024 News
Oireachtas committee looks to strengthen farmers' standing in scheme appeals
TDs and senators have proposed a number of amendments to the agricultural appeals bill, which they say will leave farmers in a better position to re-appeal Department scheme decisions.
27 March 2024 News
Raw sewage discharges to end ‘by 2026’
The Department of Housing expects an end to raw sewage being pumped into waterways within three years.
30% of farms inspected in 2023 breached nitrates rules
The figure comes as local authorities are ramping up the number of farms they inspect this year and in 2025.
20 March 2024 News
One in 10 TDs and senators own farmland
Some 23 TDs and senators own farmland, according to the latest register of Oireachtas members' interests.
18 March 2024 News
€2.5bn needed to 'support farmers' to cut livestock numbers
The Irish Fiscal Advisory Council (IFAC) said it estimates €500m/year from 2026 to 2030 will be needed to support farmers to reduce livestock numbers to meet climate targets.
6 March 2024 News
‘Entirely possible’ ag appeals bill passed by summer - McConalogue
At pre-legislative scrutiny for the agricultural appeals (amendment) bill, the independence of the appeals review panel and the need for farmer representation on it were raised.
29 February 2024 News
An Taisce’s livestock reduction claim is 'anti-dairying'
Speaking to the Irish Farmers Journal, president of the ICMSA Denis Drennan said An Taisce’s head of advocacy Elaine McGoff, who made the comments, 'should know better'.
28 February 2024 News
Farmer waits over four years for inspection result
ICSA general secretary Eddie Punch outlined at the Oireachtas Committee on Agriculture the case of a farmer who had a penalty applied in February 2024 from an inspection carried out in November 2019.
28 February 2024 News
Proposed appeals review panel needs separation from Department - farm orgs
At the pre-legislative scrutiny of the agriculture appeals (amendment) bill 2024, the ICMSA said the proposed independent appeals review panel needs farmer representation.
22 February 2024 News
Overshoots in public spending
Prudent management of the public finances needs credible fiscal plans, not just declarations of concern about public money, from Government and opposition.
21 February 2024 Viewpoints
Department TB budget to be kept under review as year goes on
The Minister has explained that although the budget estimate for TB control represents a reduction on 2023's spend, the eradication programme's costs are to be kept under review.
12 February 2024 News