Tranche two approvals for TAMS breaches 7,000
Martin Merrick
As of 15 July, 7,153 applications have been approved under tranche two of TAMS III, while a review on reference costs will take place in 2025.
15 July 2024 News
Department hasn't put value on its property and land portfolio
Some 85 buildings and plots of land made up the Department’s 'valuable and diverse property portfolio' at the end of 2022.
10 July 2024 News
Minister commits to review Dan Brennan's farm files
There is to be a fresh assessment of the case sought by the Minister for Agriculture.
Measures to improve water quality must be implemented at scale - EPA
There must be “significant improvements” in nitrogen use efficiencies to reduce the nitrogen surplus, the Oireachtas committee on agriculture heard on Wednesday evening.
10 July 2024 News
Scope of review critical to any relook of Brennan’s farm case - IFA
The farm came to prominence nationally after its herd saw seemingly unexplained bone deformations which an official investigation claimed were not linked to a local brick factory.
5 July 2024 News
Minister to seek fresh review of Dan Brennan case
The commitment came from the minister in a Dáil debate which heard evidence written by vets who investigated the case in the mid-2000s.
4 July 2024 News
€34,000 loss after 34 years growing ash
John Reardon's 8ha ash plantation is now covered with a 2m high blanket of briars.
19 June 2024 News
Government commitment to private forestry owners questioned
'Definite bias towards international funds to drive afforestation', joint Oireachtas Committee on Agriculture and Food told.
14 June 2024 News
Farmers free to trade carbon credits, says Gleeson
However, the Department of Agriculture secretary general said the State has to account for any reductions in emissions under international climate change agreements.
19 May 2024 News
Lack of cash hits on-farm construction
A combination of atrocious weather, reduced cashflow and uncertainty around the nitrates derogation has stalled a major share of farm construction work.
15 May 2024 News
Revenue visits Rushe’s farm to view disputed VAT rebate items
IFA farm business chair Bill O’Keeffe said Revenue were shown items such as meal bins, calf feeders, water troughs, cubicle mats, slat mats and bulk tanks.
14 May 2024 News
Revenue and Oireachtas ag committee at loggerheads on VAT reclaim
Revenue provided some clarification on items that are eligible and ineligible for VAT reclaim by non-VAT registered farmers at the committee.
8 May 2024 News