What better wines to pair with Neven’s recipes than two Spanish favourites – Albariño and Rosado.

Albariño has in recent years become the great white wine of Spain. From the Galician region in the northwest of the country, it has lots of acidity and zingy citrus flavours, perfect for enjoying in the sun. It’s also a very versatile wine that works well with many tapas flavours. It’s usually placed beside a plate of fish and as a result, works great with a prawn paella.

However, here Neven is using some delicious Iberico pork and don’t knock it until you try it because the high acidity in the wine works brilliantly, cutting through the fatty components of the pork. Those zingy citrus notes of the wine will also allow for a clean fresh finish.

If you’re a rosé lover (and given its surge in popularity in recent years, who isn’t?), be sure to give the Spanish varieties a try.

While the Côtes de Provence is really enjoying its rosé glory days, the Spanish version known as rosado brings its own character to the table.

Arguably it’s a better food pairing wine than its French friend. That’s because French rosé may be very elegant and light but you need to keep your food pairings somewhat in line with that.

The grapes for rosado are grown in hot areas such as Navarra, making for a moreish and fruity wine, excellent with salty dishes and even a bit of spice such as the chorizo.

\ Philip Doyle

Nai E Señora Albariño

Simply Better at Dunnes Stores, €14.99

Crisp, young and fruity. These are some of the best descriptions for Albariño but sometimes it can give the impression that it lacks complexity. Not with this Nai E Señora Albariño. Yes, it has got that crisp, fresh taste and yes, it has zingy citrus flavours of lemon and grapefruit. However, it is elevated by rich herbaceous notes which continue from the nose to the mouthfeel. This is complemented by stone fruit flavours, especially peach. With a touch of minerality and a dry finish, this will work great with your paella.

Ophalum Albariño

O’Briens Wine, €19.95. €14.95 in September

Paco y Lola is a really popular Spanish white wine. But what you might not know is that this is a co-operative in the Salnés Valley, the largest in the Rias Baixas area with over 430 members. They produce a diverse range of wines but they make this one, the Ophalum Albariño specifically for O’Briens Wines. It’s got all the high notes of a good Albariño-zesty lemon and pear but what makes it really stand out from the crowd is that gush of salinity from the nearby Atlantic Sea.


Mulkoa, Rosado Garnacha Navarra. Lidl, €8.99.

In recent months, I’ve noticed an increase of Rosado on wine shelves including this Mulkoa Rosado from Lidl. Made with Garnacha grapes, you can see from the glass that the wine has more depth than the pale pink tones we’re used to, indicating more fruitiness and body. This is mirrored on the palate with lots of berry flavours, especially strawberry, as well as floral notes coming through. With lots of character, this wine is very good value for money and a good place to start your Rosado journey.


Organic Rosado.

M&S, €11.00.

The Monastell grape is typically grown in eastern Spain and is used to make big, bold tannic reds. As a result, expect some intense fruit flavours which will work especially well with the patata bravas. You’ll get lots of fresh red berry flavours with that classic strawberry once again shining through. Its also got vibrant acidity, perfect for pairing with the Iberico pork. A lovely long finish makes this a great wine to welcome in the autumn.