Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue has said that a farm seeking compensation after his herd went down with TB is ineligible, as he pled guilty to three breaches of the Bovine Tuberculosis Order 1989.

The matter of compensation for the farmer was raised in a parliamentary question by Fianna Fáil TD John McGuinness and the Minister responded that the case had concluded on 1 July 2011, with the herdowner pleading guilty to three breaches.

Minister McConalogue said this included an article “requiring that a herdowner not introduce into the body of an animal any substance for the purposes of affecting the accuracy of the TB test”.


“The herdowner was convicted and fined €500 for one offence in each of the three categories of summons.

“These convictions related to the animals referenced in the question.

“The remainder of the summonses were taken into consideration and all other summonses were struck out.

“The fines amounting to €1,500, combined with costs of €2,500 awarded to the Department, means that €4,000 is owed by the herdowner in respect of this case.”

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