Silage wrap up €30/roll with costs set to further increase
Peter Thomas Keaveney
Silage wrap prices are up over 30% on last year, and manufacturers say they are set to further increase in the near future.
25 May 2022 News
66% of farmers have not completed a cashflow budget
Farmers were asked about cashflow budgets, fodder budgets and loans as part of the survey.
25 May 2022 News
Input cost challenge central to Teagasc beef open day
The Teagasc Beef 2022 Open Day in Grange will allow farmers to discuss their concerns around fodder availability into the winter with advisory staff.
Options being explored to cut costs
John Egerton has already made some investments to help save costs on his Fermanagh farm.
25 May 2022 Northern Ireland
Ireland to host European Dairy Farmers
The congress will see over 350 dairy farmers from across Europe descend on Cork in late June.
25 May 2022 News
AI sales back 2.5% as dairy farmers pull back
High input costs and high cull cow values have seen more dairy cows culled this year compared to normal, writes Aidan Brennan.
25 May 2022 News
Irish pig sector on the brink
Adam Woods takes a look at the current crisis in the pig sector and talks to Tipperary pig farmer Michael Monagle about what the future holds for the Irish pig industry.
25 May 2022 Pigs
Krone introduces GPS-controlled auto bale deposit
Krone has released a new GPS auto feature of its BaleCollect bale accumulator to deposit bales automatically and at right angles along preset virtual lines.
25 May 2022 News
Farmers need at least €7.50/kg for winter finishing - ICSA
Winter finishing is the highest cost system of farming, according to the ICSA.
24 May 2022 News
Aurivo boosts fixed milk price
There is a gap of 15c/l between fixed milk price schemes and the open market.
24 May 2022 News
'Real money' must back Commission's lump sum proposal - ICSA
The farm group stated that it is important that excessive bureaucracy is not attached to any scheme through which such funding could be delivered to farmers.
20 May 2022 News
€15,000 to €100,000 lump sums proposed by Commission for farmers
The European Commission has proposed allowing member states to mobilise funds to compensate farmers for rising input costs.
20 May 2022 News