European Commission launches public consultation on nitrates directive
Rachel Donovan
Farmers are invited to share their views on the possible revision of the nitrates directive via an online consultation.
1 December 2023 News
Weekend weather: very cold with frost, ice and sleet
Met Éireann has said that this weekend will be very cold, with frost, ice and some wintry precipitation. However, it will be less cold by next week.
30 November 2023 Grass & feeding
Strong positive correlation between pasture utilised and profit margin
Focusing on cost control and increasing grass utilization on dairy farms are the key drivers to profit margin per ha.
Dairy Management: Dairy Day, grazing and feed space
Farmers are heading into a third year of high costs and this is an area that needs to be controlled, writes Aidan Brennan.
29 November 2023 Management
Fertiliser prices to fall by 35% in 2024
There is a very slight decrease in feed price expected next year also, according to Teagasc.
29 November 2023 News
Increased incomes on the horizon for 2024 for dairy, beef, sheep and tillage
The dairy market outlook for 2024 is more positive than 2023, according to Teagasc.
29 November 2023 News
Drop of almost 45% in farm incomes a 'serious concern' - IFA
The average farm income in 2023 is estimated to be down 44% to just under €24,800, according to the Teagasc annual outlook.
28 November 2023 News
Fertiliser is 40% of direct costs on tillage farms
Fertiliser is one of the biggest spends on tillage farms, taking up 40% of direct costs and 22% of total costs.
28 November 2023 News
Dairy Day: labour an area to avoid when it comes to cutting costs
While it's important for dairy farmers to cut costs where they can on their farms, Kilkenny farmer Sean Cummins feels labour is an area that farmers can't afford to skimp on.
23 November 2023 News
Home Farm: Counting the costs
When the final tax returns were done, the cash paid over reflected the profitability of the year.
22 November 2023 Viewpoints
Letter re: rising costs vs grants available
Rising building costs – 60% TAMS grant not the case – Name & Details with the Editor
22 November 2023 Letters
Getting costs under control at Positive Farmers
Aidan Brennan previews some of the sessions at next January's Positive Farmers Conference in Cork.
22 November 2023 News