Seamus Breen, a farmer from Cummer, Gorey, Co Wexford, was fined €3,000 for obstructing a Revenue officer.

According to Revenue, obstructing an officer can include impeding, assaulting or interfering with an officer.

In total, 20 farmers appeared on Revenue's latest tax defaulters list.

The highest fine of €32,500 was levied against Bríd Ní Dhubhghaill of 66 South Main Street, Wexford for failure to lodge VAT returns. Her occupation is listed as rental income/farmer.

In total, 12 people who listed farmer as their occupation were fined by Revenue for failing to lodge income tax returns. The average fine levied against those with farmer listed as their occupation was €1,250.

Green diesel

Some four farmers were caught for misuse of green diesel and fined an average of €2,500 each.

One agricultural contractor, Augustine Carrig from Shanacoole, Kildysert, Ennis, Co Clare, was also fined €2,500 for misuse of green diesel.

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