The ESB has warned farmers to be vigilant of overhead wires as silage season gets under way.

They’ve advised that contact or even near contact with wires whether in a field or need a silage pit can prove fatal.

“The minimum safe distance is three metres, horizontally and vertically; it is more for higher voltage lines,” the ESB said.

If machinery does come in contact with wires the following guidelines are advised:

  • Stay in the cab.
  • Keep everyone else clear of the scene, by at least five metres.
  • Phone ESB Networks immediately.
  • If possible, reverse out of the contact situation.
  • If you exit the cab (e.g. because of fire), jump clear and take short steps until you are five metres clear.
  • Do not return to the cab.
  • Do not, under any circumstances, touch the line or anything the line may be in contact with.
  • The emergency contact number is 1850 372 999 ( 24/7 service).