ESB to roll out three-phase smart meters to farmers in 2025
Anne O'Donoghue
ESB told IFA it would roll out the meters in 2025 - including to farmers exporting energy to the grid, the Renewables Roadshow heard.
5 April 2024 News
Storm Kathleen: tips for securing your farm
As storm Kathleen approaches, Teagasc has advised farmers to be prepared and organised.
27 March 2024 Viewpoints
Funding our water and electricity infrastructure
Ireland is the only European country in which water is free, and even the Green Party has backed off charging for water.
ESB Networks seeking electrical apprentices
Apprentices are set to play a crucial role in ensuring Ireland has the necessary skills and expertise to deliver net zero strategy, according to ESB Networks, writes Sarah McIntosh.
25 March 2024 Careers
Steer clear of electricity poles and stay wires
Michael Murray, ESB Networks public safety manager, highlights the importance of identifying risks in the environment you are working in.
ESB profits soar to €868m in 2023
Electricity generator says profitability needs to be maintained to fund investment plans.
7 March 2024 News
Farmers told to switch off wind turbines over lack of meters
Pat Murphy from Killimer, Co Clare, said those who entered into a legacy microgeneration scheme are losing money annually due to not having three-phased smart meters install.
28 February 2024 News
Solar generation soars as rollout accelerates
Ireland’s solar PV rollout continues to ramp up with over 1,000MW of solar now connected to the grid.
26 February 2024 Renewables
ESB: 93,000 premises without power as outages could last days
Electricity supply will not return to some areas for a number of days, the ESB has warned.
22 January 2024 News
Storm Isha: over 150,000 still without power
The arrival of storm Jocelyn is expected to hamper the ESB's efforts to restore power supplies nationwide.
22 January 2024 News
Over 170,000 without power as storm Isha sweeps across Ireland
The ESB has warned the public to stay away from fallen electricity wires as thousands of trees and powerlines are downed due to storm Isha.
21 January 2024 News
Storm Isha: keep phones charged and only travel when necessary
The public has been advised to stay away from coastal areas, with damaging gusts and wave overtopping expected.
21 January 2024 News