Listen: Farm Tech Talk - The Livestock Show
Jack Kennedy
With the dry weather continuing, our livestock team discusses some of the implications for farmers who are making silage and buying straw.
23 May 2022 News
Dick Meaney apppointed agri-sales manager of Pinergy
Dick is originally from Kilkenny and qualified with a Bachelor of Ag Science from University College Dublin.
20 April 2022 News
On-farm solar panel systems could be repaid in five years
Solar PV has become an attractive investment as a means to tackle rising energy costs and reduce emissions, writes Stephen Robb.
Can solar PV generate an income on a mixed farm?
Stephen Robb looks at the economics of installing a solar PV system on a mixed tillage and livestock farm.
Slow progress on farm renewable grid connections
Farm scale renewable electricity systems such as solar PV and wind turbines continue to remain out of reach for many farmers, as the grid connection process is still being developed.
6 April 2022 News
ESB ramps up electricity price
Some of the ESB’s farming customers are set to face higher prices for electricity and gas from May.
30 March 2022 News
Derrybrien wind farm to be decommissioned
Gort Windfarms Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of ESB, owns the wind farm.
16 March 2022 News
Broadband chief ‘confident’ 54,000 farms can have high-speed internet by 2026
The CEO of NBI has voiced his confidence in the company reaching the targets set for high-speed rural broadband within the timeframe and budget agreed.
24 February 2022 News
Storms result in flooding, fallen trees and shed damage
Over a third of the rainfall recorded so far this month in many counties fell between Friday and Sunday, according to Met Éireann.
23 February 2022 News
Exporting electricity from farms
Stephen Robb runs through details of the Micro-Generation Support Scheme.
23 February 2022 News
Franklin's gusts to continue until Monday afternoon
Almost 30,000 homes, farms and businesses are currently without power as a result of Storm Franklin.
21 February 2022 News
Storm Eunice: 130km/h gusts leave thousands without electricity or water
Supplies of water and electricity have been interrupted in at least three counties leaving thousands without a normal supply of utilities.
18 February 2022 News