After the success of Farmhand’s Krone Big M 450 “mowing the country” tour last year, the firm has just launched another demonstration campaign, “spreading the word”, with an Amazone ZG-TS 10001 trailed fertiliser spreader.

The campaign is set to kick off this week in the southeast.

From here, the 4220 Fastrac, coupled with the spreader, will predominantly be situated in the Leinster and Munster regions. The ZG-TS 10001 has a hopper capacity of up to 10,000l, while offering a working width of up to 54m (up to 128 part-width sections).

Equipped with online calibration, Amazone claims it offers application rates of up to 650kg/min at operational speeds of up to 30km/h. The machine is also fitted with a 28° steering axle.

Other features include the in-cab adjustment of the telescopic vein to “headland” position, which adjusts to a shorter, straight-edge vein and the fill management with external fill level indicator lights.

Priced at €90,000 plus VAT, the firm estimate in the current market for new machines of this type is 35 to 40 units annually.