Fendt has announced that its four model Rotana variable chamber round baler range (160V, 160V Xtra, 180V and 180V Xtra) is set to feature a new netting system and improved guarding for the 2022 season.

The new netting system uses net chute tying, which replaces the previous steel and rubber roller combination. Fendt says the new system provides a more positive delivery of net into the chamber each time to bind bales.

“The net chute tying system features an arm that folds up and feeds the net onto the bale, in a similar way to that of a conveyor belt. This means that due to the positive feeding method, the net isn’t susceptible to wind either produced from the chamber or externally,” explained Sam Treadgold, Fendt’s baler sales engineer.

Plastic guarding

The Rotana variable chamber models also have new plastic guarding, which the company claims will keep the chain track free from dirt and debris.

“The guards are easier to take on and off, as there is less weight to handle. Furthermore, if a guard gets damaged, the operator can still refit it to the machine, whereas with the metal versions, any slight knock meant the securing holes didn’t line up,” added Sam.

The four models also benefit from new storage locations for the castor wheels, which now clip onto the guard above the pickup reel, so attaching them is quicker than before. The variable chamber Rotana models have the option of a 2m or 2.5m wide pickup.

Operated from the cab, the higher spec Rotana 160 V Xtra and 180 V Xtra balers get the luxury of a HydraFlex hydraulic drop floor, which lowers by 500mm to clear any blockages.

A bank of XtraCut knives, in either 13,17 or 25 knife rotors, are also included.