A presentation was made by FRS Network to former CEO Peter Byrne on his retirement from the organisation at FRS Network HQ in Derryvale, Co Tipperary.

Some 130 people attended the presentation, with the crowd including current FRS board members, former management and Byrne’s family.

“I am really grateful and shocked, but I could not think of anything better and I am truly honoured that it has been placed here at the FRS office in my name,” said Byrne at the presentation.

“To say that I am gobsmacked is an understatement,” he added.

“When the invite came to the house and mentioned that there would be a presentation, I thought it could be a watch, but even the best Swiss watches in the world break down, but I can’t ever see this piece breaking down,” the former CEO said.

40 years as CEO

Byrne had spent over four decades at the top seat in FRS.

National Co-op Farm Relief Services chair Francis Fitzgerald thanked the outgoing CEO for his work with the organisation over this time.

“Peter’s legacy will be felt for generations in the great careers he has helped start and build.

"He has helped grow the organisation from a small office in Roscrea to one of the most respected organisations in Ireland,” commented Fitzgerald.

“He has guided us through the difficult times of the 1980s, the recession of 2008 and COVID. Thank you Peter for your integrity, dedication and hard work spanning over 40 years,” he added.