The Global Dairy Trade (GDT) price index has risen by 4.3% at the latest auction held on 1 December.

It is the second consecutive increase in the index, and the largest lift since July.

The average price now stands at $3,261 (€2,706.19).

In total, 32,062t of product was sold.

Lactose experienced the greatest increase, up 13.5% to $1,004 (€833.18).

There was an increase for whole milk powder, up by 5% to $3,182 (€2,640.63). The price paid for skim milk powder rose, up 3.6% to $2,889 (€2,397.48).

Butter rose by 3.8% to $3,986 (€3,307.84). There also was an increase for cheddar, up 2.4% to $3,734 (€3,098.72).

The next auction will take place on 15 December.

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