Average grass growth this week is only 22kg/day, while the long-term average is 70kg/day. It’s a frightening statistic when you think that growth has been suppressed in most parts for the past six weeks. It’s a challenging time to be a grass farmer. Some farmers who got some rain are wondering if they should spread nitrogen. The answer depends on the situation but it’s marginal in all cases. If it’s burnt and yellow, then no. If it’s still green and growing slowly there might be a small benefit. In most cases, it is not nitrogen that is limiting but moisture. Wait a few days after the drought breaks and then spread nitrogen.

Again, what rotation length to be on is dependent on the farm situation. There’s not much point in pushing poor-quality or dying grass ahead. It’s better to graze it rather than lose it. At this stage, a rotation length of between 20 and 30 days is probably optimal. I definitely wouldn’t go quicker and would only go slower if you have lots of good quality grass.