Farmer Writes: A relief on the slurry front
Karen McCabe
We’re having a more leisurely spring than usual, along with a break of roughly six weeks between calving.
10 January 2024 Viewpoints
Grant supports for old houses
It is estimated that over 80,000 properties are lying vacant, and so the Vacant Home Renovation Grant is the perfect solution to restore these properties and allow people to join the housing market.
3 January 2024 Viewpoints
Moving parts in the milk world
While the price of fertiliser is well down on this time last year, the cost of milk production is still high.
Additional land rental to cost less than €300/ac
The expected cost of sourcing additional land to reduce stocking rates in 2024 is between €200 and €300/ac.
27 December 2023 News
Over one-third of derogation farmers to rent more land in 2024
Fewer farmers are planning on culling cows in 2024 than been planning to do so earlier this year, results of the latest Irish Farmers Journal survey suggest.
27 December 2023 News
Department publishes N&P statements up to November
The statements allow farmers to ensure compliance with the limits set in the nitrates regulations.
14 December 2023 News
Radical clampdown on nitrogen use sought
The Nitrates Expert Group has recommended a 10% reduction in the maximum allowable chemical nitrogen application rates, this is on top of the 10% reduction already being sought.
13 December 2023 News
Explainer: what happens on 1 January under the nitrates derogation
Dairy editor Aidan Brennan takes a look at the nitrates derogation and what farmers will have to do to comply with the new limit.
6 December 2023 News
Denmark’s derogation talks ‘one to watch’ for Ireland
Department of Agriculture senior inspector in the nitrates and biodiversity division Ted Massey has said Ireland can secure a derogation, but only if water quality issues are addressed.
6 December 2023 News
Commission was open to derogation delay, Markey insists
The MEP doubled-down on stating that there was real indications that derogation flexibility was on the Commission's table.
29 November 2023 News
Nitrates decision risks losing farmers
Water quality – farmers have no line of sight or clarity on future rules.
29 November 2023 Viewpoints
Letter re implementation of Nitrates change
"The announcement of a reduction from 250kgN/ha to 220kgN/ha flings our entire sector into very dangerous unprecedented territory." - Aine O'Connell, IFA
29 November 2023 Letters