Taking a leaf out of the book of some UK flower farmers I began a lockdown grow-along on social media, of anemones and sweet peas, as I was starting them myself.

It was important to me that people did not have to make non essential trips from their homes to buy supplies for the grow-along, so I emphasised using items they already had around the house.

Tin can pots

One of the most popular upcycling projects has been our tin can pots. One drawback of growing in tin cans however, is that the cans can be too inflexible to remove the seedling without damaging the root system.

To counter this issue, use a can with a pull top, this will leave a lip around the top (image 1). You then punch or drill holes in the bottom of the can (image 2).

Image 2.

Fully remove this bottom with a tin can opener and let it fall to be caught by the lip at the other end (image 3).

Image 3.

When it is time to plant out you can easily push the bottom up, to smoothly remove the seedling (image 4).

Image 4.

Other tricks

Need a mini glass house? Try a clear plastic storage box, these can be kept outside during the day to avoid seedlings becoming leggy as they strain for sunlight on a windowsill.

Need a smaller version to nurse along that precious seedling? Try cutting a plastic water bottle in half, pierce drainage holes in the bottom, fill with compost, plant and then fit the top of the bottle back on, to form a mini hothouse.

Image 5.

When it comes to displaying the cut flowers you have grown, choose mason jars or tin cans (image 5) which can be easily dressed up in a rustic style – using natural material such as hessian, ribbons, brown paper and garden twine. Simply tie gifted flowers with twine and wrap in kraft paper or newspaper (image 6).

Image 6.

If you discover a real love for gardening during lockdown you may decide to purchase heavy duty re-usable pots and trays in the future, but in the meantime a raid of the recycling bin should provide all you need to get growing.

As the saying goes: The most sustainable item is the one you already own (or can upcycle!)

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