Gardening with Gerry: brightening the last days of autumn
Gerry Daly
The Golden daisy bush can tolerate light frost and is very easy to grow. The flowers are very pretty and lively, writes Gerry Daly.
8 November 2023 News
Farmer Writes: Wisteria could wreck your house and your marriage
Gerald Potterton writes that the real beauty of a wisteria is not to have one on your own house, but to appreciate it on a stately home like Borris House.
6 September 2023 Gardening
Going out in a blaze of glory
Before the leaves start to turn, a surge of floral energy re-energises the garden. Mary Keenan writes.
Gardening: I'm walking on sunshine
The sunflower is a well loved plant and for many worthy reasons, writes Gerry Daly.
30 August 2023 Gardening
Mary Keenan's Garden Diary: Terrace time
Terracing might sound posh, but it is a practical solution to create a unique garden and outdoor space on a slope, writes Mary Keenan
9 August 2023 Gardening
Bear’s breeches: the common name for Acanthus
Flowering majestically in gardens at this time, acanthus is a plant of noble bearing, writes Gerry Daly.
19 July 2023 Gardening
Hort demo highlights: Treffler precision tine harrow
Dutch manufacturer Treffler demonstrated its 8m precision tine harrow in the mechanical weed control demonstration as part of the recent Crops and Cover Crop Cultivations event.
5 July 2023 News
A little more time to stop and smell the flowers
While there is still plenty to be done in the garden in July, it is also time to enjoy the results of your hard work, writes Mary Keenan
5 July 2023 Gardening
Keelings opens €20m flower-processing facility in Dublin
Company say the new site will allow them to rapidly expand output and employment.
5 July 2023 News
English conservationists create ‘savannah’ with pigs and cattle
Cattle, pigs and ponies are aiding the restoration of biodiversity on the Purbeck Heaths, England.
18 June 2023 News
Meet The Maker: Kristen O'Keeffe of Studio Eight
In this week’s Meet The Maker, Maria Moynihan talks to Kirsten O'Keeffe of Studio Eight, who creates dried floral wreaths and personalised gifts in rural Cavan.
14 June 2023 Features
Meet The Maker: Orna Mulcahy of Lavó
In this week’s Meet the Maker, Maria Moynihan talks to Orna Mulcahy of Lavó lavender products, Co Wicklow, ahead of their summer harvest sales.
7 June 2023 Features