Climate and environment
Nurturing nature on-farm: bats, birds and bees
Ellen Durkin
Here are some ways that can farmers can help nature on their farms this month.
8 March 2023 Gardening
Magnificent magnolia at Mount Congreve
A visit to Mount Congreve in Waterford following a €7 million re-development reminds Mary Keenan of the importance of planting trees for future generations
8 March 2023 Gardening
Climate change resilient gardens
The future of our climate is uncertain and as gardeners, we need to adapt the way we garden to build resilience in our gardens, writes Colm O'Driscoll, head gardener at Lismore Castle, Co Waterford
Editorial: lowering your stress gauge in the garden
For farmers, how much value is there in the mental health advice to get out in nature, when farming by its nature is particularly stressful in the spring?
8 March 2023 Amii
Cut flower market is significantly import dependent
As St Valentine's Day sees a boost in flower sales, there's room for more Irish cut flowers in the market, write Anne Finnegan.
14 February 2023 News
Mary Keenan’s Garden Diary: break for the border
The spring tidy-up is well under way this month in Mary Keenan’s garden.
8 February 2023 Gardening
Mary Keenan’s Garden: it’s almost snowdrop season
With a new year to look forward to in the garden, Mary Keenan is putting her Christmas present to good use.
11 January 2023 Gardening
Putting her heart and soul in the soil
From surviving sepsis to heart-breaking loss, Julie-Anne Kelly’s journey has been full of twists and turns. But she has found healing and hope through harnessing her creativity.
7 December 2022 Features
Gardening: festive foliage, foraging and bird-watching
From making a “birdscaping” plan to foraging for a festive wreath, there's lots happening in the garden in December, writes Mary Keenan.
7 December 2022 Gardening
Mary Keenan's Garden Diary: tidy ups and tulips
From making the most of bare root season to the big tidy up, Mary Keenan is busy in the garden this November.
9 November 2022 Gardening
21-day walking challenge winner revealed
Our 21-day walking challenge got our readers across rural Ireland lacing up their walking boots and hitting the road, writes Naomi Hamilton O'Donnell.
2 November 2022 Features
Gardening with Gerry Daly: potato jasmine
The potato jasmine is a most elegant plant, a plant of real style, writes Gerry Daly.
2 November 2022 Gardening