An Offaly farmer suspects thieves of stealing a 12x6 high-roofed Ifor Williams trailer from his farmyard in Shannonbridge.

Mick Hynes told the Irish Farmers Journal that the trailer was stolen between 4.50am and 5.15am on Saturday.

“We were taking a mare home from a farm in Clonaslee on Friday night when we noticed a blue jeep behind us. I pulled into our yard in Shannonbridge and the jeep overtook us,” Hynes said.

“We left the mare off and parked up for the night and thought no more about it. My wife woke up the next morning at 5.30am and noticed the trailer had been taken.”

12x6 high roofed Ifor Williams trailer from Shannonbridge.

Catch the thieves

Hynes said the trailer had been secured to the jeep but the thieves were able to crack the lock.

“I immediately called the guards that morning. Unfortunately, the camera overlooking the yard is broken at the moment so I called the neighbours to see if they had spotted anything,” Hynes continued.

“My neighbour’s camera spotted the same blue jeep that passed me on Friday heading towards our yard at 4:50am on Saturday. Another camera picked up the blue jeep passing with my trailer attached at 5:15am.”

Gardaí are currently investigating the incident and Hynes is hopeful that the jeep will be identified.

“I’m 68 years if age and could do without this. For me it’s more about catching the thieves than recovering the trailer. We need to put manners on these fellas.”

12x6 high roofed Ifor Williams trailer from Shannonbridge.