Last Friday, Edenderry Mart hosted its fourth calf sale of the year.

This is the first year the mart has hosted a stand-alone calf sale and while numbers were small, hopes are high for future renewals following a decent showing.

Speaking about the sale, mart manager Dennis Byrne said: “We never really had a calf sale here in Edenderry, but I suppose we started this year in response to so many people in the area getting into dairying.”

Auctioneer Johnny Doyle said: “Trade was good enough. Friesian bull calves sold up to €150, with the ordinary ones back to around €60. A number of beef breeds also sold well throughout the day.”

Strong clearance

In total, 70 calves were presented for sale, with 62 finding new homes - an 89% clearance rate.

Securing the top price of €300 was a well-made, one-month-old Angus heifer.

Prices for Angus animals started at €130, with the average exceeding €200.

Angus bulls were light on the ground, but prices were in a similar range.

A good entry of Simmental bull calves were offered and recorded an average of €270 per head. These ranged from €205 for light calves up to €285 for better lots or those with colour.

Hereford heifer calves sold from €180 to €285, with average resting at slightly above €220 per head. Again, Hereford bulls were few on the ground, but made similar prices.

As highlighted by Doyle, Friesian bulls made up to €150. The €100 mark was seldom hit, but when it was it was for squarer British Friesian-type calves.

In pictures

This Hereford heifer, born 24 February, sold for €285.

This Friesian bull calf sold for €150.

These 13-day-old Simmental heifers sold for €200.

This Speckled Park bull calf, born 13 February, sold for €235.

This pair of Hereford heifers born mid-February sold for €260.

This Hereford bull, born early February, sold for €270.

This pair of Friesian bull calves, born end of February, sold for €45.

This strong Friesian bull calf, born 15 February, sold for €100.

This seven-week-old Simmental bull calf sold for €285.

This seven-week-old Simmental bull calf sold for €275.

This three-week-old Limousin heifer calf sold for €265.

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