• The Irish Farmers Journal understands that agreement has finally been reached on the headline issues of the crisis fund for the tillage sector.
  • A shipment of heavy bulls is due to set sail for Turkey on Monday, the Irish Farmers Journal has learned
  • The controversial EU-Mercosur trade deal could be finalised by year end, with EU and Mercosur bloc negotiators aiming to find a balanced deal.
  • The Government’s National Mitigation Plan acknowledges that farmers can’t cut greenhouse gas emissions while increasing production, but expects them to improve their carbon efficiency and help others.
  • LacPatrick has increased its milk price by 1c/l for June supplies of milk, bringing the milk price to 31.54c/l (excluding VAT) for milk, at 3.6% fat and 3.3% protein.
  • Photo of the day

    Courtesy of the Irish Farmers Journal picture desk here is our photo of the day:

    Joe Smiddy is pictured harvesting Infinity winter barley in Mogeely, Co. Cork. The crop yielded 4.2t per acre at 18% moisture and 66 kph. The grain will be delivered to Germinal in the Horse and Jockey as seed barley. \ Donal O' Leary