The Crops & Spreaders event in OakPark on Wednesday marked the debut Irish show for the recently introduced 10001 trailed fertiliser spreader. This machine has a hopper capacity of 10,000l. The introduction of the new ZG-TS 10001 model will see the existing ZG-TS 8200 being replaced. The ZG-TS 01 spreaders are equipped with the TS Amazone spreading system. This high-specification machine has a working width of up to 54m, a flow rate of up to 10.8kg/s or 650kg/min and a working speed of up to 30km/h.

Drive system

Amazone has offered an option of two drive systems on the new spreader, so farmers can run the spreader off smaller tractors if desired. As a result, operators can use the conventional hydraulic system or use the new hybrid system. This new system receives two-thirds of the power required from the tractor’s load-sensing oil circuit and the last third is generated by the on-board hydraulic system of the spreader. To make this possible, a hydraulic pump is driven directly off the tractor’s PTO.

The spreader can be equipped with both the ArgusTwin and WindControl systems. It can also be equipped with the ProfisPro automatic weighing system. This new weighing system sees the hopper and frame connected to the main frame by four load cells, positioned at the four corners. This system is used for continuous automatic calibration of the flow and other functions.

The spreader is equipped as standard with an automatic steering axle.