JCB has introduced a new flagship TM420S model and a number of performance upgrades to its TM range of telescopic loaders that see it gain an industry-first 50km/h eight-speed powershift transmission, a more powerful Stage V engine and a new cab.

The range now consists of four models with new variants and upgrades throughout. Lift capacities and lift heights continue at 3.2t and 5.2m for the TM320 and TM320S, and 4.1t and 5.45m for the TM420 and new TM420S.

The two S models in the range deliver a power-to-weight ratio of around 17hp/t. The new TM420S features larger-diameter 26in tyres and heavier-duty chassis and axles.

The new TM420S features larger diameter 26in tyres and heavier duty chassis and axles.


Using Stage V engines, the TM320 gets a power boost to 130hp, while the TM420 now has 150hp on tap. Meanwhile, power output for the TM320S is increased to 150hp, while the new range-topping TM420S comes in with 173hp.

This is the first JCB machine to use the new higher power rating for the 4.8l in-house design DieselMax engine. All models feature the new auto-stop shut-down feature that kicks in after a period at idling speed to save diesel, similar to the automotive industry.


Both models have flow-on-demand hydraulic piston pumps, but the TM420S features regenerative boom hydraulics. This uses the weight of the boom to bring it down quickly for faster loading cycle times and a twin hydraulic pump installation to deliver oil at up to 160l/min using modest engine revs.

The TM420S features regenerative boom hydraulics.


The new eight-speed in-house powershift transmission used in all TM loaders is based on the same components used in the current six-speed unit, but with two extra forward gears.

The top-spec version of this transmission has a top speed of 50km/h, which is standard on the new TM420S and an option for the TM320S.

JCB Torquelock direct drive is available in every gear, including the four reverse speeds, for work such as on the silage pit. The basic-spec 40km/h version of this eight-speed transmission is fitted to the TM320 and TM420, with torque converter lock-up available in forward gears five to eight. Both versions can be operated manually or by using auto power-shifting.

New cab

The four models in the range are equipped with a new Command Plus cab that features a one-piece windscreen which sweeps over the operator’s head. JCB claims forward visibility is increased by 13%, while the overhead glazed area is 52% larger than before.

An assignable hot-key button on the hydraulics control joystick is a new feature that can be used for any one of a number of functions.

These include switching between auto and manual transmission modes, torque lock-up engage/disengage and auxiliary hydraulic valve control and even acting as a master switch for the work lights.

All new TM telescopic loaders now have a pressure release control inside and outside the cab, as well as at the boom end for easier implement changeovers.

The TM range now includes the 180, 220, 320, 320S, 420 and 420S. Pricing starts at €78,000 plus VAT, while the flagship TM420S has a starting price of €120,000 plus VAT.