An annual report that became a national reference
Andy Doyle
Taking a step back in time, Andy Doyle outlines the history behind the annual Land Report and the significance it holds in measuring accurate agricultural land prices across the nation.
12 April 2023 Crop protection
Fungicide resistance – an update from Bayer
While there is ongoing evidence that sensitivity to fungicides is decreasing in many European countries, it seems that most actives are holding their effectiveness in Ireland, writes Andy Doyle.
11 January 2023 Crops
40 years in tillage: change was seen in all aspects of crop production
While change was evident in all agricultural sectors, it seems likely that tillage encountered the greatest changes overall having gone from incentivised production to set-aside.
Four decades of change in the tillage sector
In the first of two articles looking back at his four decades in tillage, Andy Doyle remembers some of the major changes in plant protection, in crop breeding and the loss of the sugar industry.
4 January 2023 Crops
50 years in the EU: divergence between Irish, EU and global agriculture
Andy Doyle considers how the EU policy move to environment first and agriculture second will play out for the growing global population.
4 January 2023 News
Market signals and farmer decisions for 2023
As we progress into the 2023 production year, it is important to heed market signals and to understand the variables that can influence them.
29 December 2022 Crops
Mark it down as a good year in the 2022 crops diary
Weather, price and yields combined to make 2022 a year to remember for tillage farmers.
28 December 2022 Crops
BlueN makes natural nitrogen in plant leaves
Technological innovation is now providing plant leaves with the ability to produce an amount of their own nitrogen.
28 December 2022 Crops
Tillage Management: the changing of the guard
Following 33 years covering tillage matters and advice in the Farmers Journal it is now time to step away and pass on the baton to Siobhán Walsh.
28 December 2022 Husbandry
Grain Trends: Russia and US turn markets
Grain markets swung upwards last week, with December 2023 futures gaining almost €13/t across the week.
28 December 2022 Markets
Time to plan eco-scheme options
Taking time to plan your annual eco-scheme options can help to prevent issues arising in the years ahead.
26 December 2022 Husbandry
The ongoing glyphosate debacle
Access to glyphosate is set to continue for another 12 months following recent Commission action, but its future remains less than certain.
23 December 2022 News