Exhibitors willing to promote forestry programme despite barriers
Donal Magner
There are attractive incentives to plant but land and environmental restrictions will hamper the new programme,forestry exhibitors at the Ploughing maintained. Donal Magner reports.
20 September 2023 Forestry
Forestry programme deserves to succeed despite major barriers
Lack of timelines in achieving licences and rapidly reducing land availability for forestry have been identified as major barriers, writes Donal Magner.
13 September 2023 Forestry
Sustainable forest management and production forestry
Meeting environmental, economic and social needs is the key to sustainable forest management and forest certification, but Donal Magner asks if the balance has been tilted against the economic?
Forestry incentives welcomed but weaknesses identified in new programme
Strong financial supports acknowledged but widespread reservations about land availability for afforestation, increased environmental constraints and demotion of commercial forestry.
6 September 2023 Forestry
Weak home market driving increased pulpwood exports
Large sawlog market strong in contrast to small – pulpwood – logs, which rely on exports due to low domestic demand, Donal Magner writes.
30 August 2023 Forestry
Turning a forestry vision into reality
A new approach is required to achieve a viable afforestation and forestry programme including the establishment of an independent forestry agency which has widespread support, writes Donal Magner.
23 August 2023 Forestry
Department clarifies aspects of the Forestry Programme
Afforestation programme aims to achieve 50% broadleaves and planting of agricultural "organo-mineral soils" allowed on peats not greater than 30cm depth.
16 August 2023 News
Need for forestry programme clarity stressed at Tullamore Show
Stakeholders say that the administration of the new programme needs to be streamlined to makes it more attractive, with high broadleaf targets and restricted planting on peats is criticised.
16 August 2023 Forestry
Mixed reaction to Ireland's forestry programme approval
Approval for 12 afforestation schemes by the European Commission has been both welcomed and met with disappointment.
4 August 2023 News
IFA outlines plan to get farmers back into forestry programme
Tim Cullinan, IFA president, has announced five proposals that would allow farmers to return to planting.
2 August 2023 News
Climate review stresses the need to increase afforestation
A wide-ranging climate review proposes a State afforestation plan as 'private planting unlikely to meet ambitious targets' of 18,000ha annually, writes Donal Magner.
2 August 2023 Community
Ireland's forest and tree cover higher than expected
Tailte Eireann identifies 179,457ha more forest, woodland, hedgerow and other tree cover than National Forest Inventory, writes Donal Magner.
26 July 2023 Community