Young Stock Podcast: behind the scenes judging Mr Personality
Sarah McIntosh
On this week's Young Stock Podcast, Sarah McIntosh and Martin Merrick take us behind the scenes of judging the Mr personality Festival 2024
13 April 2024 News
TUS named Ireland's first ADHD friendly University
Technological University of Shannon (TUS), has been certified by ADHD Ireland as a university that’s inclusive of neurodiversity, writes Sarah McIntosh
10 April 2024 Health
Health special: coping with the unexpected side of farming
Farmers are facing challenges on a number of fronts due to the continuing deluge of rain. Many feel stressed and anxious, but there is help at hand, writes Sarah McIntosh.
Consumer: low-cost finance for retrofitting upgrades
Financial barriers are among the main reasons preventing consumers from retrofitting homes, we break down the different funding options available, writes Sarah McIntosh.
10 April 2024 Consumer
Agri Careers: do you know your employment health entitlements?
There are several treatment health benefits that come with paying PRSI, but most people don’t avail of them. Sarah McIntosh lists the ways your can get your money back.
10 April 2024 Careers
Agri Careers: pathways into working in Ireland's healthcare system
With an acute shortage of carers and healthcare professionals across Ireland, there has never been such a need to attract and retain talent in the sector, writes Sarah McIntosh.
10 April 2024 Careers
Providing students with the relevant skills needed in today’s workforce
FET Skills Box will help up to 500,000 students across the country access new supports that will help raise awareness around the diverse career choices through FET, writes Sarah McIntosh.
6 April 2024 News
Consumer: the cost of home energy upgrades
In week two of our retrofit series on SEAI grants available, we break down the different upgrade options and the associated costs, to help you keep the heat in, writes Sarah McIntosh.
3 April 2024 Consumer
Agri Careers: training wait times are causing frustration
Learning is being disrupted for apprentices as 3,600 have been waiting longer than six months for their off-the-job training, writes Sarah McIntosh.
3 April 2024 Education
Systemic barriers experienced by autistic people
A new report launched by AsIAm highlights the systemic barriers experienced by autistic people accessing education and the workplace, writes Sarah McIntosh.
2 April 2024 Education
Agri Careers: industry movers and shakers
After another busy month of movement across the agri jobs sector, we take a look at who has been making moves and shaking things up, writes Sarah McIntosh.
27 March 2024 Recruitment
Agri Careers: business smart, carbon smart
From products that protect grain and feed, to technologies that optimise feed mill efficiency, Adesco is a family business focused on enhancing sustainable food production, writes Sarah McIntosh.
27 March 2024 Careers