Krone has introduced its first trailed wrapper, the EasyWrap 165 T.

Designed to lift bales between 1.00-1.65m in diameter and of weights up to 1,650kg, the 165 T twin satellite arm has a wrapping speed of 40rpm.

As standard the wrapper is controlled through the tractor’s own Isobus terminal with the option of a separate terminal for non-Isobus-ready tractors. Operation of all major machine functions for film roll replacement can be carried out using the blister pad mounted on the machine itself.

The wrapper couples to the tractor’s rear three-point linkage via a swivelling headstock. Once bales are placed on the wrapping table, the sensor plate is triggered and the wrapping cycle begins. As standard, four bobbins hold bales on the wrapping table with the option of six if required. The 750mm film can be applied at pre-stretch rates of 55% or 70%.

The operator enters the number of film layers required and the system calculates the actual number of rotations required. When a film roll breaks or runs out, the wrapping table stops instantly, not resuming until the first rotation of the wrapping arm is complete. Alternatively, the wrapper can be set to continue using just one roll of film.

An angle sensor monitors wrapping arm position instead of timed control which can lead to variations in wrap overlap between different tractors. Speeding up the process, it is possible to pick up the next bale while wrapping is still in progress.

The entire wrapping cycle can be automated (from pickup to unloading) with the possibility of manually triggering every stage in the cycle if required.

Options include a bale turner, LED lights and an upgraded drawbar for the storage of up to 10 rolls of wrap.