Lemken will be exhibiting a wide range of kit, much of which has been newly launched. This includes ploughs, disc harrows, cultivators, seed drills, fertiliser spreaders and mechanical weeders.

Lemken will be displaying the recently launched Solitair 9+ Duo version of its pneumatic drill which comes with a divided seed hopper. This means the drill has the ability to sow two adjacent rows of seed at different depths. The Duo seed hopper holds 1,850 litres and can be split 50:50 or 60:40.

For those after a high-output drill, Lemken will be offering its Compact Solitair 9. It features hydraulically adjustable levelling tines, followed by individually sprung concave discs. Staggered wheels help to reconsolidate the seed bed, before a trapeze packer roller passes over directly in front of the double disc coulters.

Each double-disc coulter has 125cm spacings and is individually guided by a rubber-tyred depth wheel and features up to 70kg of pressure. The 3m drill features two distribution heads with section control. With a 3,500l tank capacity, Lemken says an average forward speed in the region of 12km/h to 15km/h is achievable on an 180hp tractor.

The firm will be displaying a Steketee mechanical weeder at the show.

Several years ago, Lemken purchased Steketee, a Dutch manufacturer of mechanical weeding options. The firm will be displaying a Steketee mechanical weeder at the show.

These machines can be configured to the specific planter and crop sown. Various weeding shares, discs, blades, tines or elements can be configured accordingly. It comes with the option of automatic or manual steering systems.