A day at the races... is there anything like it? The buzz, the excitement, the fun and of course, the style!

Ladies’ day at the races is one of those great occasions when more is more, when women have the opportunity to create high octane looks and when they are applauded and admired for doing so.

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That being said, it takes time to get it right; careful planning really does pay off. That planning isn’t just about choosing the right hat or dress. Sometimes it’s the small things that can make a difference.

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I know it’s an obvious one, but checking the weather forecast is absolutely essential. If it’s going to be even slightly windy, opt for an updo hairstyle.

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That immaculately groomed look you wanted to create will be maintained all day long. Long hair, windy weather and a hat just don’t work well together.

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Even though you may have put more clips in your hair than you thought was humanly possible, pack extra clips for those un-cooperative, rogue strands of hair.

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Consider your pain threshold. Yes, I know you love the look of those (killer) high heels, but can you withstand the burn and ache that comes with standing in stilettos all day long?

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No matter what footwear you choose, wear them at home for a few hours a day beforehand so that you’ll know just how many plasters you’ll need on the big day.

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Even though ladies’ day can have a “day of judgment” feel to it, be sure to dress to please the most important person: you! It’s a marvellous opportunity to express yourself and your style. Stand tall, stand proud, and remember there’ll never be another you.