There is a moment at every Women & Agriculture conference that strikes a chord, that may catch your breath and will stay with you long after your journey home.

For some, that moment was Joan Freeman’s talk. It was her lightbulb moment when she realised every community needed a living Pieta, where we could hold broken lives. For others, it was the belly laugh that erupted in the room when Breege O’Donoghue, who until recently was executive director of Primark, announced that she wasn’t retiring, she was simply re-wiring. Then, of course, there was the moment when Fionnuala O’Kelly, wife of Enda Kenny, a woman who is so relatable, admitted that having lunch with President Obama and his wife Michelle every St Patrick’s Day is a truly remarkable experience but that they were very down-to-earth people and, like herself and Enda, they were simply ordinary people placed in extraordinary circumstances.