Massey Ferguson has unveiled its new 8S tractor series. The new tractors are the result of one million development hours involving over 170 engineers and seven years of global testing.

The styling of the new 8S is what appears to be the most obvious change, like nothing we have seen before from the manufacturer. Its styling can be described as neo-retro, futuristic yet reminiscent of its ancestors in aspects of its design.

Similarities to the past are highlighted by the box-shaped rear mudguards, fully grey pillared cab and the grey bezel to the sides of the front grill. Initial launch day feedback on the appearance of the new 8S was Marmite-like – either love it or hate it it’s here to stay and we have no doubt it will grow on people, especially once witnessed in the flesh. Either way, MF has introduced some major changes aside from its aesthetics in comparison to existing series. Changes have been made internally and externally and from front to back.

MF has also introduced new, straightforward numbering. Take, for example, the MF 8S.265 model: the “8” stands for the Series, the “S” stands for the specification level and the last three digits are the maximum power.

The new 8S series will replace the exisitng 7720 to 7726 models.


However, the new four models, the 8S.205, 8S.225, 8S.245 and 8S.265 as of now will replace the existing 7720, 7722, 7724 and 7726 models. Built on a 3.05m wheelbase, each 8S model is powered by the latest Stage V AGCO Power six-cylinder, 7.4l engines. Horsepower ranges from 205hp to 265hp, with engine power management (EPM) adding an additional 20hp for transport, PTO and hydraulic applications.

Maximum power is achieved at just 1,000rpm, remaining constant up to 1,500rpm. MF say this not only reduces fuel consumption by 10%, but reduces noise by up to 6dB.

Stage V emission standards are met by using an all-in-one integrated selected catalytic reduction (SCR) with soot catalyst (SC). The fully integrated system does not require the use of a diesel particulate filter (DPF) or a variable geometry turbocharger. This unit is designed to last the machine’s lifetime and is compact and leaves the exhaust pipe slimmer than before.

The gap between the engine and the cab drew the immediate attention of many. This 24cm gap has a number of functions, says MF, firstly reducing heat, noise and vibration transfer from the engine into the cab. Engine cooling is also improved now that air can be drawn in from the middle of the tractor.

New transmissions

The MF 8S Series introduces a choice of two new transmissions, which the manufacturer says will reduce power losses by 26% and improve fuel economy by up to 10%.

First up is the new Dyna E-Power. Designed and developed in-house, MF says this dual-clutch gearbox combines the advantages of a continuously variable transmission (CVT) with the ability to transmit power as efficiently as a mechanical transmission.

Dyna E-Power provides more than a full powershift using dual-clutch technology for range shift, allowing seamless changes. It offers four ranges with seven gears, with semi-overlaps ideally designed for maximising in-field and on-road performance. Automatic gear shift aggressiveness and automatic shift speed can now be adjusted to match work conditions.

Alternatively, users can choose the new Dyna-7 semi-powershift gearbox, which is the latest development of the renowned Dyna-6. The firm says this provides one extra powershift gear and smoother shifting, but it is also 10% more efficient than the Dyna-6 for the same engine horsepower in field application.

Dyna-7 offers a total of 28 forward and reverse speeds in four ranges and seven seamless gears.

For those requiring the comfort and control from a CVT, the MF Dyna-VT CVT transmission will be available for the MF 8S Series later in 2021.

The 24cm gap between the engine and the cab is said to improve engine cooling, reduce heat transfer and noise levels inside the cab.

New cab

One of the most notable changes is the new four-post cab design. With an interior volume of 3.4m³ and 6.6m² of glass area, the new 8S cab offers much more space and visibility than its predecessor did.

The engine and cab are separated by a 24cm gap to reduce heat and noise levels to what the firm claims as a market-leading 68dB. MF has moved the dash to the cab A pillar and is now offered as a full digital display.

For customers wanting the full exclusive specification a leather seat and leatherette steering wheel finish can be opted for. Mechanical active cab suspension enhances comfort on Exclusive models too.

The new control centre armrest loses the older beige colour scheme, and is now grey and black. The updated Datatronic 5 terminal is mounted on an adjustable arm and is as easy to use as a smartphone, the firm says. The 9in single screen controls all tractor functions and manages all MF technologies such as MF Guide, MF Section and Rate Control and MF Task Doc.


Power is put to the ground using a new stronger rear axle, while both front and rear lift capacity has been increased to 4,800kg and 10,000kg respectively.

Hydraulics have also been updated with a 150l/min closed centre, load-sensing hydraulic pump as standard, providing 36% more flow compared with the previous system. A 205l/min pump is an option which can be supplied as an ECO version generating the flow at 1,650rpm. Up to five electric spool valves can be specified.

Tyres of up to 2.05m can be fitted to the 8S series including the new Trelleborg TM1000 VF650/75 R42 tyres.

The new range is supplied with MF Connect Telemetry as standard which includes a three-year subscription.


The MF 8S Exclusive specifications models are available for order as of now in both Ireland and the UK. These models come equipped with the MultiPad control lever, five electric spools and MF Guide ready, with Task Doc and MF Connect.

Efficient specification models will not become available until early 2021, while all models are set to offer the Dyna-VT (CVT) transmission later in 2021. There will be no Essential specification models on the new 8S series.

For those wondering when the smaller-chassis 77 models will follow suit of the new 8S, it is still quite some time away considering engines have already transitioned to Stage V. Production of 7700 large-frame units has been ceased. The 8S series will have a starting list price of €156,000 plus VAT.