Sustainability credentials a ‘licence to supply’ dairy buyers
Amy Forde
Buyers of Irish dairy want to see the metrics from programmes designed to reduce farm emissions.
23 November 2022 News
Dairy-beef margins up 57% in 2022
Analysis of the slaughter performance from the Irish Farmers Journal Thrive dairy calf-to-beef demonstration farm has shown an increase in profits year on year albeit from a low base.
16 November 2022 Breeding & health
Will the new EBI deliver for dairy-beef?
On Wednesday 16 November, the ICBF outlined the proposed changes to the EBI, which includes a new carbon sub-index and an updated beef sub-index.
SIMA 2022: Horsch introduces front tank for Leeb sprayers
Horsch introduced a new 1,200l and 1,800l front tank option in both Basic and Pro specifications for Leeb sprayers.
9 November 2022 News
TAMS updated for final tranche
While the change in TAMS specifications for its final tranche will affect only a small number of farmers, it is likely that similar specifications will be in place for CIS in 2023.
1 November 2022 Buildings
‘Time running out’ for advisers tackling ACRES plans
“At this stage we should know what we are doing, time is running out on us,” an adviser in the Cavan-Leitrim area has said.
17 September 2022 News
ACRES planning system 'one big mess'
Advisers around the country are extremely scathing of the new ACRES scheme.
14 September 2022 News
Boortmalt imposes €12/t energy charge on growers
With the malt harvest in full swing, yield and quality are excellent, but strict protein restrictions are an issue for growers.
10 August 2022 News
Moving the goalposts is disrespectful to tillage farmers
It is frustrating for tillage farmers to sit on combines and tractors confused as goalposts move on the specification guidelines.
10 August 2022 Viewpoints
Making the grade – carcase performance in 2021
Despite using high beef merit AI-sired calves, hitting carcase specification consistently remains a challenge with dairy-beef systems. Declan Marren writes.
5 August 2022 Breeding & health
Five top tips for buying a used hedge cutter
Peter Thomas Keaveney and Gary Abbott offer readers their five top tips on what to look out for when in the market for a used hedge cutter.
3 August 2022 Farm machinery
Nitrates Action Programme must deliver on water quality
If improvements in water quality are not achieved, then further measures which could significantly alter current farming practices are likely to be introduced.
1 June 2022 Schemes