Underpasses given specification following inclusion in TAMS
Martin Merrick
With no previous specification for underpasses, the Department of Agriculture recently released the minimum requirements for TAMS aid.
17 April 2024 News
Cork sees highest number of TAMS solar applications
Data from Department of Agriculture shows there has been 1,480 applications to the Solar Capital Investment Scheme, with Cork having the highest levels of interest, writes Stephen Robb.
10 April 2024 News
Farming sidelined in Leaving Cert 'climate' course
There is no direct reference to tillage or livestock farming in the 35-page document which sets out the specifications for the proposed subject.
Your TAMS questions answered
Martin Merrick sits down with the Department of Agriculture’s TAMS department and reveals the answers to some of the most topical questions within the scheme.
25 February 2024 TAMS
Kia’s big EV9 sparks some statement
You’ll definitely notice the new Kia EV9 when you see it on the road. The big all-electric SUV is Kia’s statement of intent that it aims to be a leader on the electric car market.
14 February 2024 Motors
Specifications announced for TAMS herd health monitoring
A popular new addition to TAMS III, specifications for herd health and fertility monitoring systems have now been released by the Department. Martin Merrick reports.
7 February 2024 Management
Second beef PGI in gestation just as first crosses the line
We have waited a lifetime for one beef PGI - now a second one could be on its way,
1 December 2023 News
Specifications finalised for Irish Grass Fed Beef PGI
Minister McConalogue has welcomed the official approval of the PGI, stating that it will add value to Irish beef exports.
29 November 2023 News