Colm McCarthy: financial regulators react to banking crisis
Colm McCarthy
European banks, including the main surviving Irish ones, have better capital buffers, more cautious lending policies and better supervision than was the case during the bubble.
22 March 2023 Northern Ireland
Extra energy support for UK farms ruled out
The Energy Bill Relief Scheme is to be replaced by less generous support for gas and electricity bills under the new Energy Bills Discount Scheme.
22 March 2023 Viewpoints
Dempsey at Large: farming in a wide world
The temptation to re-establish the UK/Irish trade in live lambs for slaughter without the tedium of customs checks etc may well prove to be irresistible.
Life on the edge: how Ireland profits from peripheral status
Does it matter to NATO that a country like Ireland could offer a dozen extra fighter jets to the alliance’s current fleet, which already out-matches the Russian total?
15 March 2023 Viewpoints
Watch out for policymakers trying to control agriculture prices
Unable to control energy prices, they may be ready to target farm profits.
8 March 2023 News
International Women's Day: 'We are great drivers of change on farms'
To shine a light on women in agriculture and to mark International Women's Day, Rachel Donovan speaks to some influential women in the sector.
8 March 2023 News
Entries open for 154th Balmoral Show in May
Adam Woods has all the details on this year’s Balmoral Show which takes place from 10 to 13 May 2023.
1 March 2023 Pedigree
Colm McCarthy: targets or policies?
It might be no bad thing if future development was confined within the city of Dublin, where derelict sites abound.
1 March 2023 Viewpoints
Colm McCarthy - Extended reliefs for the hospitality sector
It is clear from the Department of Finance's recent report on Ireland’s official debt that it perceives substantial risks in further giveaways.
22 February 2023 Viewpoints
RHI claimants lose latest court case
The case in the Court of Appeal surrounded two different sets of cuts to previously guaranteed RHI tariffs.
22 February 2023 Northern Ireland
Housing is a failure that has been decades in the making
If county councils are unwilling to zone enough land for residential development, the result will be inadequate supply and unaffordable housing.
15 February 2023 Viewpoints
Downturn has resulted in drop in Irish pig herd of almost 13,000 sows
Pig prices here will have to follow these European prices and rise again quickly if we are to maintain the current herd size and continue to produce quality assured pigmeat.
15 February 2023 Pigs