Public finances cannot afford white elephants
Colm McCarthy
White elephants are pretend ‘assets’ likely to be stranded and abandoned due to poor utilisation and inability to cover operating costs.
20 September 2023 Viewpoints
Colm McCarthy - LNG project is of national significance
It is acknowledged that Ireland will need gas to supplement intermittent renewable electricity generation and space heating in the longer term, perhaps indefinitely.
20 September 2023 Renewables
What's dampening Northern Ireland's renewable prospects?
The development of renewable energy in Northern Ireland has ground to a halt, with significant reform needed to get it back on track. Stephen Robb reports.
Austral offers something special from Renault
Renault has created something special with the new Austral SUV, special in terms of engine performance and economy, as well as being special in terms of comfort and styling.
13 September 2023 Motors
The temptations facing Minister McGrath in framing Budget 2024 are obvious
The budget projections will still show a surplus, albeit diminished, for 2024.
13 September 2023 Viewpoints
Small scale renewables are lower priority in NI
New small-scale installations will still have a role going forward, particularly on sites where there is a high electricity demand.
13 September 2023 Northern Ireland
EU budget review may bring disagreements
A Europe-wide carbon tax will be resisted by countries which expect to have to pay it.
6 September 2023 Viewpoints
Full impact of latest RHI ruling remains unclear
The High Court in Belfast has quashed the need a poultry farmer to re-pay over £53,000 in RHI payments.
6 September 2023 Northern Ireland
Colm McCarthy - Combatting fatalism about the planet's prospects
Rather than encouraging the climate change deniers, or questioning the emissions measurement by the EPA, the farm organisations ought to be seeking changes to policy at EU level.
23 August 2023 Viewpoints
Global dairy market outlook is only getting worse
Farmers around the world keep producing milk, even in the face of mounting losses.
23 August 2023 News
Almost 50% of pig farmers consider exiting the sector over staff shortages
The IFA has said that urgent action is needed to address acute staff shortages in the pig sector.
18 August 2023 News
Argentina’s currency is crashing – and beef exports suspended
The speed of the decline this week is a major warning sign for the economy.
16 August 2023 News