Farmers feel betrayed by Government's decision to scrap cow exit scheme
Niamh Murphy
The Government's decision to scrap plans for a dairy cow cull scheme has been met with strong farmer views, with 56% of respondents disagreeing with the decision.
10 July 2024 Viewpoints
Knock on impacts from Labour's UK victory
The governing legislation has turned out to be a Nimbies’ Charter, conferring veto powers on geographically small planning authorities sensitive to the objections of residents’ associations.
10 July 2024 News
71% of consumers trust Irish dairy farmers to look after environment - NDC
Trust score up 6% year on year, according to the National Dairy Council.
Ireland’s €14.5bn food exports in danger - ASA
The ASA has said that Ireland is facing a potential loss of between 750,000 and 1m hectares of food producing farmland.
8 July 2024 News
For Mercedes-Benz economy is more than the brand
The latest Mercedes-Benz hybrid cars deliver where it counts, in terms of economy and that converts to low running costs.
3 July 2024 Motors
Colm McCarthy's UK general election predictions
In the next parliament, the surviving Tories will include very few Europe-friendly politicians, many of whom were discarded by Boris Johnson before the 2019 election.
3 July 2024 Viewpoints
Climate-neutral Ireland could require 30% cut to beef and milk - EPA research
Sweeping changes to Ireland's agricultural output, forestry plantings and soil management would be required to reach net zero by 2050, new research published has suggested.
Diageo turns sod on new Kildare brewery
The Kildare-based brewery will be the second-largest brewing operation in Ireland after St James’s Gate.
2 July 2024 News
Shortfalls in infrastructure
The record of oversight on State capital spending, particularly on big once-off projects, has been poor.
26 June 2024 Viewpoints
Opinion: Ryan is leaving, but Martin seems set to stay
In a week of announcements and departures, it seems the Tanaiste is going absolutely nowhere.
22 June 2024 Opinion
Fears Tirlán job cuts could be 'just the beginning' - Drennan
ICMSA president Denis Drennan said the move by Tirlán could be the start of a massive restructuring in the dairy industry.
20 June 2024 News
Can the Opel Grandland PHEV be as practical as it is comfortable?
Opel’s Grandland has solid credentials that reflect its German heritage in what is a spacious mid-range SUV but can it be a practical option as a family car?
19 June 2024 Motors