More than agriculture stretched on climate obligations
Amii McKeever
A stretch goal is designed to encourage aggressive pursuit of that end goal but what happens when the stretch is simple a stretch too far?
10 August 2022 Viewpoints
Colm McCarthy: how many sports stadiums do we need?
There is a case for some better stadiums at smaller scale, but how many? Does every GAA county (there are 32) need a stadium which will be busy for just a few days every year?
3 August 2022 Viewpoints
Colm McCarthy: ill-designed territorial targets
Global emissions, all that matters scientifically, could be increased by imposing ill-designed territorial production targets.
Colm McCarthy: An unsuccessful UK economy is not in our best interest
The UK business community, now counting the cost of a hard Brexit, may yet turn away from the Tories, no longer seen by them as the safe-pair-of-hands party.
27 July 2022 Viewpoints
Tillage Incentivisation: A similar policy for a new era
The tillage incentive measure introduced last spring feels like another full rotation of the wheel of time, writes Michael Loughman from Dublin City University.
27 July 2022 Crops
Emissions cuts 'an opportunity for farmers to save their industry’ – Green TD
A move away from intensive meat farming is what Green Party TD Ossian Smyth is suggesting.
22 July 2022 News
Colm McCarthy - budgetary resources
Specific compensation schemes offered to narrower groups can also impose huge exchequer burdens
20 July 2022 Viewpoints
More permits and producer groups needed in horticulture sector - report
The conclusions on the fruit and vegetable sector from a KPMG report commissioned by the Department of Agriculture.
15 July 2022 News
Colm McCarthy: a new course needed in UK politics
Colm McCarthy: Brexit is unfinished business, the economy is fragile and the UK’s relations with Europe have yet to stabilise.
13 July 2022 Viewpoints
Enterprise Ireland-backed food exports up 6% in 2021
Exports to the UK market by Enterprise Ireland-backed companies increased by 15% last year despite Brexit.
12 July 2022 News
Report finds ‘severely low’ levels of farmer trust in banks
A report commissioned on the trust borrowers have for lenders has found that farmers are more distrustful of banks than the public in general.
11 July 2022 News
Colm McCarthy: workers will pay price for needless pensions populism
The retirement income system is a mess and pensions policy needs systematic reform. Delaying the planned increase in the State pension age is an evasion.
6 July 2022 Viewpoints