Top tips for tackling ATV maintenance
Peter Thomas Keaveney
Peter Thomas Keaveney takes a look at five areas of practical ATV maintenance tips worth considering before the trusty workhorses take to the fields once again.
14 February 2024 News
First AgXeed autonomous tractor arrives in Ireland
The first autonomous agricultural robot from Dutch company AgXeed has arrived in Ireland. Peter Thomas Keaveney sat down with AgXeed head of sales Peter Robinson to find out more.
31 January 2024 Northern Ireland
Price increases hit red diesel
Quotes for red diesel at fuel merchants in Northern Ireland have increased from early January.
German protests: Berlin brought to a halt
Thousands of tractors are said to have been arriving in Berlin as early as Sunday for Monday's protest action.
15 January 2024 News
Concerns over used cooking oil fuel intensify
New data shows that 80% of Europe’s used cooking oil - a key ingredient in biodiesel - is now imported, raising concerns over fraud.
28 December 2023 News
News in-brief from Northern Ireland
Round-up of weekly news from across the farming industry in Northern Ireland.
20 December 2023 Northern Ireland
Kepak emissions cut to 2030 equivalent of powering 2,500 homes
Kepak’s emissions targets to 2030 have been validated by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTI).
12 December 2023 News
John Rowe: an obituary
In 1981, he bought his first Thyregod beet harvester. That relationship with the Danish company blossomed, and soon it resulted in his appointment as the Irish distributor.
6 December 2023 News
Bord Gáis planning ammonia-fired power plant for Cork
The generating station would be the first of its kind in Europe.
29 November 2023 News
Red diesel costs reach a four-month low
The cost of red diesel in Northern Ireland has been falling in recent weeks, slipping to its lowest price for four months.
15 November 2023 Northern Ireland
Watch: 60cc pro Husky put to the test
Gary Abbott recently put the 60cc 562 XP model from Husqvarna's professional chainsaw division to test to see how it performed.
1 November 2023 Farm machinery
Servicing your chainsaw this autumn
Gary Abbott looks at some of the key points to consider when it comes to servicing your chainsaw this autumn.
1 November 2023 Farm machinery