Nearly 550 lots went through the scales in Roscrea last week for the mart's special sale of spring-born weanlings. Prices throughout proved very strong, with an incredible demand for heavily muscled offerings.

Overall 86% of the lots on offer found a new home to average €2.61/kg across bulls and heifers. This average increased to €3.11/kg when looking at the top third of lots sold.

Speaking after the sale Roscrea mart manager Michael Harty said: “There was an excellent yard of stock on offer which met a very brisk demand. There was some great prices achieved on the evening, with a very strong clearance for the number on offer. A testament to the run of stock put through the ring.”

This July 2020-born Belgian Blue heifer weighed 420kg and sold for €1,420 (€3.38/kg).

Prize winners

The sale also hosted a pre-sale show, which was judged by Tommy Fitzgerald and John Searson.

In the female section, the first-, second- and third-placed lots all came from Gordan Pearson. His first prizewinning heifer was a Belgian Blue that weighed 310kg and sold for €4.68/kg (€1,450). His blue rosette winner was also a Belgian Blue heifer who hit the market at €1,410 or €4.27/kg. Finally his eight-month-old third place winner was a 325kg Blue that sold for €1,130.

Placed second in the section, this Belgian Blue heifer weighed 330kg and sold for €1,410 (€4.27/kg).

This eight-month-old Belgian Blue heifer placed thrid in her class, weighed 325kg and sold for €1,130 (€3.48/kg).

The male prize-winners proved just as strong, but with higher weights none surpassed the €4/kg mark.

Taking first place was a 440kg yearling Belgian Blue bull that sold for a massive €1,610 (€3.66/kg).

The second prize-winner came from the Charolais breed. He weighed 365kg and sold for €1,250 or €3.42/kg. Finally it was back to the Belgian Blues for the third spot, with the five-month-old recipient weighing 325kg and selling for €1,170 (€3.60/kg).

The first placed weanling bull at the sales was this 440kg Belgian Blue who was born last October. He sold for €1,610 (€3.66/kg).

This second places Charolais bull was born in February, weighed 365kg and sold for €1,250 (€3.42/kg).
This 350kg Charolais bull born in March sold for €1,010 (€2.89/kg).

The third prizewinning bull was this June born Blue that weighed 325kg and sold for €1,170 (€3.60/kg)

Strong figures

While there ws a mix of all breeds on show the majority of lots came from the Charolais and Limousin breeds. Over 200 lots sold were sired by a Limousin bull and these averaged €2.60/kg.

If we look at the top third of lots from these, the average rises above €3/kg.

Charolais-sired cattle accounted for another 135 animals. These sold to a similar average at €2.67/kg, rising to €3.04/kg for the top third of lots.

In total, nearly 80 weanlings on offer sold for above €3/kg, with five lots breaking €4/kg.

This pair of six-month-old Limousin bull calves weighed 305kg and sold for €1,070 (€3.51/kg).

This pen of three eight-month-old Charolais bulls had an average weight if 331kg and sold for €1,000 (€3.02/kg).