Esker Fields is a health and skincare brand with nature at its core. The farm-based business was established by Maria Morgan in 2018.

Living on a dairy farm in Louth with her husband Terry and their three sons, all of her products are sustainable, handmade and scented using pure essential oils.

Esker Fields carries a wide range of products aiming to provide a feel-good factor using natural ingredients.

“Esker Fields makes you feel good and that’s why my products are unique. Made with essential oils, they will also help relieve stress, ease muscular aches and pains, while helping you sleep. There’s more to my products and that’s down to the power of essential oils,” says Maria.

Life in lockdown

Maria is also a trained aromatherapist and bio energy therapist, running her own practice from home.

Like many other businesses, the pandemic has impacted on Maria's working life.

“My original plan for 2020 was to get to every fair and market in the country. I wanted to get my products out there as much as I could.

Maria working in her home studio

"I had planned on going to fairs in Cork, Dublin, Galway and many more, but lockdown happened and that changed," she says.

“COVID-19 really made me look at my business. It made me re-imagine Esker Fields and its focus. It gave me the opportunity to rebrand.

You can lie down and let your business go or you can get up and do something about it

"At a time like this, you have two choices; you can lie down and let your business go or you can get up and do something about it. I had to get out of my comfort zone and I realised that I am actually quite resilient.”

The inspiration for Esker Fields can be traced back to Maria’s life on a farm.

Green fields

“My husband is a dairy farmer. Every day I am surrounded by green fields and that’s where the name for my business came from. Living on a farm makes me appreciate life because we see all aspects of life here.

Maria gets her inspiration from living on a dairy farm.

“Living on the farm has shown me that there is time for work, rest and play. At a time like this, everything can seem dark and disheartening.

"The way I look at it is - when you plant seeds, they have to go into the dark earth before they can blossom. You’re not going to see the grown product by tomorrow.

"That’s a life lesson there for us; things come at the right time, we have to wait and be patient. That’s what COVID-19 has taught me.”

Christmas products

Esker Fields are also carrying Christmas care packages this year.

Christmas gifts - Luxury Home Spa Gift Set.

“These products are made with love and isn’t that what we need at a time like this? I always include an individual handwritten note for the person. That personal touch for customers is very important in our small businesses,” says Maria.

Maria recalls how business has evolved since opening her doors two years ago.

“I had my first Christmas fair in 2018 and I hadn’t a clue of how much stuff to bring. The weather was awful and I was worried that no one would turn up. As it happened, I sold out!

"That gave me great confidence in my business. The following year, previous customers returned because they enjoyed my products so much.”

Gifted is a great idea for people looking to buy Irish

Esker Fields is participating in the online fair Gifted - the Contemporary Craft and Design Fair usually hosts a Christmas event in Dublin, promoting local Irish brands.

The new e-commerce marketplace hopes to fill the gap for Irish businesses that would usually take part in the annual fair.

“Gifted is a great idea for people looking to buy Irish, buy local and support small cottage industries like mine. Online fairs help us get our products out there.

"We all need help, we all can’t do it all on our own. Lockdown has taught me that we are stronger together and it’s important to work together to support our small businesses,” concludes Maria.

For more information, visit the Esker Fields website and

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