Murphy Machinery, the importers and distributors of brands such as Berthoud, Alpego and HE-VA, showcased a huge selection of machinery. The highlight was a new sprayer from French manufacturer Berthoud, notably a front- and rear-mounted combination outfit, known as Heracles. First brought into the country the day before the event, the combo is available from 2,600l up to 3,500l, with the latter involving a 1,500l front tank coupled with a 2,000l rear tank. The model at the show totalled 2,600l.

In terms of working width, the compact four arm steel boom is available from 21m up to 30m, with the show model being 24m. Berthoud claims unfolding the flagship 30m only takes 45 seconds, and that mixing is automatically adjusted to the volume of liquid in the tank. It added that its automated rinsing system is performed in a single action for the whole machine.

A continuous transfer feature allows the liquid levels in the front and rear tanks to drop simultaneously litre by litre, maintaining front and rear weight distribution.

The dual tank combination also allows users the option of bringing two different chemical mixes. It comes with individual nozzle control and IsoBus with full electronic control. The sprayer pictured has a price of €90,000 plus VAT.