Tillage Management: planting, rules and ploughing
Siobhán Walsh
Dry weather over the last while has been a help in the fields. There are a lot of dates and rules to remember at present.
29 November 2023 Farm machinery
Torquey 201hp four pot Valtra punching above its weight
Having bought their first Valtra back in 1999, Eamon and Sean Tracey have stuck with the Finish brand since, and today run five Valtras, including a new N175.
22 November 2023 Farm machinery
Agritechnica 2023: Kuhn debuts new trailed sprayer
Kuhn debuted a new 3,800l Lexis trailed sprayer to the public at Agritechnica, which joins the firm's three-model line-up of Lexis trailed sprayers.
Machinery sales forecasted to drop but outlook remains positive - Lemken
At a recent press launch in France, Lemken showed off its latest machine wares and gave a business update ahead of Agritechnica next week. Peter Thomas Keaveney attended.
8 November 2023 News
Do farmers break pesticide rules?
In this article Ed Straw, a research fellow at Trinity College Dublin, shares the details of a survey on the use of pesticides on farms.
1 November 2023 News
Farmer Writes: reasonably well on track despite the weather
Farmer James Strain has his second-cut silage done and his slurry out, despite the poor ground conditions and wet weather.
8 September 2023 News
Ireland’s pesticide usage declines
Pesticide sales declined significantly in Ireland over a 10-year period from 2011 to 2021, data from Eurostat shows.
8 August 2023 News
Bracken spray not approved for use in NI
Asulox has not been re-licenced for use in Scotland and Wales this year either, although it is approved for use in England.
19 July 2023 Northern Ireland
John Deere set to present latest tractors and sprayers
John Deere is set to display a range of tractors including its latest 6R 185, a T660 combine and sprayers including a Mazotti MAF 4080 self-propelled unit.
28 June 2023 News
New Berthoud front and rear spraying combo makes Irish debut
Murphy Machinery showcased Berthoud’s new front- and rear-mounted combination sprayer outfit, known as Heracles, at the Crops and Cover Crop Cultivations event in Oak Park.
28 June 2023 Farm machinery
New app to notify beekeepers when spraying
Boortmalt has launched a new app for mobile phones so that farmers can notify bee keepers in their area that they are going to spray plant protection products.
12 June 2023 News
Tillage farmers advised to avoid stressing crops in dry weather
Irrigation systems are working on crops across the country as the dry spell continues.
7 June 2023 Crops