The Amazone name is recognised across Ireland for its fertiliser spreaders, sprayers, power harrows and seed drills. The family owned company exports 80% of its products from its seven European factories.

Last year, Amazone had a turnover of €406m, up from €402m in 2015, with plans to grow this even further in 2018. Annually it produces approximately 4,500 power harrows, with the 3m model still the most popular.

In preparation for the largest indoor machinery show in Europe this November, Amazone used a recent field day in Germany to announce updates to its range but also to preview some new machines ahead of Agritechnica.

The company is not shy when it comes to investment in its business, with €20m recently being spent on a new painting facility in one of its factories. Also, it is ranked 14th worldwide in the agricultural sector for patent spend per number of employees. Big numbers in all aspects of their business.


To make tray-testing spreaders easier and more accurate, Amazone now has an app that can recognise the fertiliser granules accurately on the purple mats that have replaced the trays. The mats are layed out at intervals across the working width of the spreader in a similar fashion to how test-trays are used.

Storage and transport of the trays is also easier.

The app works with ZA-M, ZA-V, ZA-TS and ZG-TS spreaders. The trailed ZG-TS spreaders now have capacities of 7,500 to 10,000 litres.

For the largest of fields and dependent on product density, maximum spread width is 54m. An anemometer can be specified that interprets change in wind direction and adjusts the disc speed to maintain an even spread pattern. The machine is fitted with four weigh cells and can be specified with a 28° steering axle to follow the tractor better during work. Electronically adjustable load-dependent brakes, hybrid hydraulic drive and rollover hopper cover are all available on this machine.

Mounted sprayers

The UF mounted range of sprayers is not new to Ireland and has had good success with customers. Updates to this machine include an increase in tank size from 1,800l to 2,000l. An optional quick-coupling system makes attaching the sprayer easier. The toplink is attached to a folding linkage that locks into work position when the tractor reverses completely. The parking system is now operated by means of an extension bar. Legs on either side of the sprayer can be pulled out at the rear of the machine and returned to their neat storage position without having to climb under the sprayer. The induction bowl and taps are stored behind a curved panel that also includes a seven-way pressure tap and even space to store a measuring jug. This sprayer can also be used in combination with the FT1001 1,000L front tank for increased sprayer capacity.

Trailed sprayers

There have been a few updates here. In the operator station where the filling of chemicals and water takes place, all controls are now completely covered with a large plastic hood that is fitted with LED lights for working at night. The 60l induction hopper has a large 210l/min intake capacity so chemicals can be added very quickly.

For operators who want touchscreen control of the machine, this can be specified with the Comfort-Pack plus. All aspects of the sprayer’s filling, agitation and washing can be controlled from the 7in display with gloves on. Similar to the trailed spreader, a 28° steering axle is also available. ContourControl uses six height sensors to raise and lower both sides of the boom individually for more accurate ground following. SwingStop measures the amount of boom tip acceleration and counteracts this with a series of sensors and two hydraulic rams.


Having taken over the Vogel and Noot plough business, Amazone has added to its line-up. This was the launch of the Hektor range of semi-mounted ploughs. These are available in six-, seven- and eight-furrow variants. There is a wide selection of boards available. Unfortunately at the moment these are only available with shear bolt protection and manually adjustable furrow width.

Cultivator update

The CatrosXL disc cultivator is already available in Ireland as the Catros. The difference with the CatrosXL is larger 610mm discs with a choice of fine or coarse disc teeth, hydraulic depth adjustment and 10 different roller options.

Seed drill update

Among Amazone’s more popular machines in Ireland are its one-pass combination drills. The latest incarnation of its box-drill is the Cataya 3000 special. Features include 650l or 850l hopper, electric metering, improved bout markers, ISOBUS operation and LED work lights. Calibration is now done entirely from the left-hand side. The pneumatic drill is the Centaya 3000 super. This machine has a larger plastic hopper with a capacity of up to 2,000l. Halfside shutoff, single or double disc coulters, electric metering drive are all features of this machine.

Calibration is done from one side through the SmartCenter which is essentially a weather-proof cabinet housing weighing-scales and a clever collapsible bucket. The seed distribution head has now moved from the front to the rear of the tank to bring the weight closer to the tractor making it easier to lift. Single- and double-disc coulter are available. The trailed cultivating Cirrus drill is now available with TwinTeC double-disc coulter for better seed placement.