Alliance has announced a newcomer to its wide ranging tyre portfolio, the Alliance 399, recommended for compact wheeled excavators.

The Alliance 399 has been designed with a non-directional lug design offering equal traction in both forward and reverse directions.

Whether on or off road, the 399 is suited for agriculture, construction, municipal, industrial, forestry or mining industries.


The Alliance 399 boasts a steel-belted construction and a specialised tread compound to ensure stability and resistance to cuts, even in the harshest conditions.

Complemented by high non-skid depth, angular blocks and centre blocks with tie bars, its open shoulders facilitate effective self-cleaning.

The tire features a wide footprint, prioritising soil protection during off-road excavator operation.

Compared with the frequently mounted duals on such wheeled excavators, the 399’s wide tread prevents stone trapping.

The 399 is available in three sizes: 650/45-22.5, 600/50-22.5, and 600/40-22.5, with two additional sizes (710/40-22.5 and 500/45-20) currently in development.