New Holland continues its alternative energy developments, having just launched a T4 electric power utility tractor for small livestock farms and specialised sectors, at last week’s Farm Progress Show held in Illinois, US. Claiming to be an industry first, the company believes that the fully electric T4, with its built-in autonomous features, opens a new class within the market.

New Holland boldly claims that the electric T4 delivers superior performance to its diesel-powered counterparts, still offering 4wd, 12x12 transmission, electronic power shuttle and all the regular power outputs of a diesel – spool valves, PTO, front loader, etc. Delving beneath the surface, the tractor is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack, paired with a fully electric powertrain, producing a rated 74hp (55kW) and 65hp (48kW) PTO power. In total, it provides 110 kWh of energy storage capacity, within a 400v high voltage circuit.

It’s estimated that the tractor can provide four hours of average runtime, based on a variety of applications over a typical day. For low energy demand applications this can increase to eight working hours. The tractor can be charged via multiple AC or DC energy sources. Using a fast charge DC charger, 100% power can be achieved in just one hour.

Adding to its versatility, 110V and 220V power outlets mean that it can serve as a power source for electric power tools, such as welders and drills.

Autonomous features

Autonomous features and creative driver assistance modes are part of the T4 electric power tractor’s character to improve daily farming operations with precision solutions and telematics, safety, diagnostics and service. The tractor utilises cameras and sensors in the smart roof, while operators interact with the tractor via a touchscreen display. Driver-assisted features such as follow-me-mode, the invisible bucket and 360 degree awareness – are complemented by other digital and connected functions like over the air updates, live view and map maker.

The clean blue paint scheme, like that debuted on the T7 methane power LNG tractor, denotes that it is powered by an alternative fuel source. It too combines an all-new bonnet design, LED headlights and work lights with illuminated accents.

Limited units will be commercially available in the US in 2024. However, one would expect the T4 to make its European debut at November’s Agritechnica show in Germany.