US crops report: farmers continue to plant
Siobhán Walsh
Farmers in the United States are busy planting corn and soybeans at present, with some areas further along than others.
23 May 2024 News
Tillage Podcast: walking crops from Ardee to Illinois
This week’s Tillage Podcast comes to you from the US and has a detailed update on crops in Co Louth.
22 May 2024 Markets
Grain Trends: markets jump with weather news
Grain prices jumped this week, as concerns over weather and crop yields hit markets. Siobhán Walsh reports from the US this week.
US scheme pays farmers €25/ac to plant cover crops
Farmers in the US are being paid for implementing regenerative farming practices. Siobhán Walsh reports from Illinois in the US.
22 May 2024 News
Tributes paid to Kerrygold creator Anthony O’Reilly
Tony O'Reilly, one of Ireland's leading businessmen and the creator of the world famous Kerrygold brand, has died.
19 May 2024 News
Record Brazilian beef exports in April
Brazil's beef exports in April beat the previous monthly record set in December 2023.
15 May 2024 News
Australian exports continue to grow
The growth in Australian beef and sheepmeat exports in April continues the trend of recent months, with large volume increases.
12 May 2024 News
Up to €26,000 per dairy farm to tackle bird flu in US
The US Department of Agriculture has announced a number of supports to tackle the bird flu situation in dairy herds there.
12 May 2024 News
US beef price hits factory margins
Farmers in the US are on the crest of a beef price wave, but it is being felt on factories' bottom line.
8 May 2024 News
US beef mince tests negative for bird flu
Some 30 samples of beef mince taken from retail outlets tested negative for the disease.
2 May 2024 News
Kerrygold battles heat up in North America
Will the new CEO of Ornua, Conor Galvin, formerly CEO of Dairygold, have the same appetite for competing brands when he sits in the Ornua hot seat?
1 May 2024 Viewpoints
Market Digest: stories from around the world
Brief news snippets from Russia, Canada, Colombia and Australia.
1 May 2024 World