Sales in Nenagh Mart kicked off once again on Tuesday, with good demand for factory-fit or short-keep bullocks.


Bullocks in both the 350kg and 400kg and 400kg to 500kg weight bands averaged around the €1.90/kg mark, with most stock dairy or dairy beef-bred.

In the 500kg to 600kg weight band, the average price was €1.79/kg.

Again, this was dominated by Friesian bullocks trading at around the €1.70/kg mark.

Hereford- and Angus-crosses were trading from €1.95/kg to €2/kg, while Charolais- and Simmental-crosses were making from €2/kg to €2.10/kg.

A small entry of bullocks over 600kg saw a pen of six Charolais-crosses weighing 626kg make €2.22/kg (€1,390).

This pen of six October 2018-born Charolais bullocks weighed 626kg and sold for €1,390 (€2.22/kg).

These two August 2019-born Simmental bullocks weighed 494kg and sold for €970 (€1.96/kg).

This pair of December 2019-born Friesian bullocks weighed 350kg and sold for €520 (€1.50/kg).


Angus heifers weighing between 350kg and 400kg averaged €1.84/kg.

In the 400kg to 500kg weight range, Friesian heifers made between €1.60/kg and €1.70/kg, while Angus- and Hereford-crosses made from €1.80/kg to €2/kg.

Heavier heifers were in short supply, with a pair of April 2019-born Herefords weighing 502kg making €970 (€1.93/kg), while a February 2019-born Friesian weighing 605kg made €1,150 (€1.90/kg).

These three Herefords, born March 2019, weighed 341kg and sold for €670 (€2.00/kg).

This pair of February 2020-born Angus heifers weighed 237kg and sold for €480 (€2.03/kg).

This pen of four March 2019-born Herefords weighed 370kg and sold for €680 (€1.84/kg).

Dry cows

Thirty dry cows were forward for sale and averaged €1.24/kg.

Dairy cows that were younger and in better flesh were making between €1.30/kg and €1.40/kg for the most part, but as high as €1.52/kg for a 2018-born Friesian-cross cow weighing 580kg (€880).

Older or poorer-fleshed cows typically traded from between €1/kg and €1.10/kg.