Armagh-based manufacturer, MDE Machinery displayed its Rhino Pak silage compactor alongside its tree shears, silage forks and recently launched NextGen dumper range.

The Rhino Pak silage compactor is designed to improve forage fermentation by eliminating air as a result of increased forage compaction. Increased compaction also improves the capacity of the pit.

While common for many years in most European countries, the popularity of forage compactors is increasing in Ireland and the UK.

The 2t model shown measures 9ft (2.6m) in width and weighs 2t, including its 990l water ballast. Features include side wheels to prevent wall damage, foldable leg stands and compacting rings.

The Rhino 2t model has a minimum power requirement of 100hp, while the 10ft model requires at least 150hp.

According to MDE, a 4t model designed for tractors in excess of 250hp is on the way.

Meanwhile, pricing for the 2t model starts at €6,260 (£5,500) plus VAT.